Sinful Sunday – Blue

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I’ve never posted to Sinful Sunday before, but given this weeks theme is “Blue” how could I resist?
My existence just now is deeply linked to Blue. I recently started writing a blog Midnight -atthe-oasis-64, which revolves around sex, death and creativity.
Blue is lodged deep in my psyche as I  write about these fundamental aspects of human experience. The feeling of blue relates not only to the hour of my blog title (where it serves as a gateway or marker to a state of unknown possibilities); nor even to the underlying emotions I continue to experience since my mother passed away earlier this year.
Deep shades of blue – Midnight, Ink, Indigo have become my means of expressing sadness, mourning, re-emerging life and renewed sexual presence as I move through bouts of grief, loneliness and lack of purpose after the inevitable end to three years of intensive Caring.
While mourning my mothers familiar presence, and blogging about my renewed sexuality, my sensual being has found ways of expressing mourning through emotively hued clothing and surroundings. This has involved the purchase of items such as the re-purposed sugar bowl in the photograph, which now holds my condom stash. The blue headphones are the ones I wear as I lie after midnight on navy blue sheets and reconnect with the evocative music of my youth, wallow in the aching loss-filled blues and jazz music of my mothers heyday and masturbate to the raunchier music of the 1920’s and 30’s.

9 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Blue

  1. Glad you joining Sinful Sunday – I am relatively new to it and my first post from a month ago featured a few of my playthings too. Really like the photo and your narrative about blue 😉


  2. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! I really hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do urge you to spend a bit of time commenting on some of the other blogs each week. It helps to create connections and also build a supportive community.

    I have read back through your blog posts so far. I am sorry to hear about your Mum but I read your sex toy exploration and your male escort post with interest. Good on you for going for these things and exploring. I look forward to seeing where else this journey takes you


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    • Thanks very much Molly. Its an interesting and challenging journey to date. I really appreciate your hosting Sinful Sunday its such a delightful concept. I did have look at what the others and posted and commented on a few. Some gorgeous images and ideas, happy to be included.
      Indigo 🙂


  3. Firstly, welcome to Sinful Sunday! Secondly, I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I am glad though that you have found a means to express yourself through your blog.
    I hope we see more sinful Sunday posts from you in the future.
    Aurora x


    • Thanks so much Aurora, I really appreciate the support. I’ve seen a few “issues” of Sinful Sunday and it looks like something I’ll want to contribute to in the future.
      Indigo 🙂


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