Original Erotic Poems

Original erotic poetry

No. 1. Tide series

A three part series of short poems, encapsulating beachside sex and the emotional uncertainties of an emerging liasion with a (then) new lover

Since I’ve enjoyed reading poems written by fellow bloggers on Sinful Sunday I decided to have another look at some that I wrote quite a long time ago but never published.  These unpublished poems were written between 1990 and 1996. At that time my writing took precedent over my visual art practice.

Inspired by relationships with two different men, they express desire, emotional pain, physical pleasure and the foretaste of loss.

I’ve paired the writing with images I’ve taken recently because I wanted to combine my love of writing with something visual. I’d love to hear from fellow bloggers about whether it works or not. I’m not such a fan of the inspirational beach-y quotes that proliferate on the ‘net so I’m really not sure…