Even the Moon has scars

imageIMG_1231 (3)

A follow up image from those taken for this week’s blog on The Body Beautiful.

Sinful Sunday

Even the Moon has scars …


24 thoughts on “Even the Moon has scars

    • Thanks Elliot! Glad to be of service…
      This is the final selection from a whole range of shots taken in fairly frantic haste in order to get them done while the light was ok and before the pet carer came over to return my dog from a weekend away… Made it by five minutes!

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    • Hi Simina, Its a crystal mirror, with my scarred belly, my breast and my hand – wearing a bracelet which belonged to my late mother. I somehow missed what the prompt was and just went for a sense of reflection and contemplation.
      Why not pop by and have a look around my new blog – I’ll be posting the uncropped image of the mirror in the “see” section of my Imagination and Creativity section tonight.


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