On care, attention and (sexy) small businesses!

IMG_1270 (2)

           I decided to start to do a photo shoot on my bed, of my home toy collection today, (there’s another collection at my studio space, the Oasis). It’s amazing what the impetus of a freshly made bed (without cat hair) can do for ones desire to take pictures! (Yeah that too – but later).

As I was gathering toys from my storage containers I noticed an unopened parcel on the floor on the other side of the bed. The parcel had been there for over a week, but other things had preoccupied me, not the least of which was working on this blog, my Pinterest pages and now, Twitter.

When I opened the parcel, this is what I saw!!!

Inside the beautiful cloth bag, were  goodies I’d ordered from The Slinky Minx in South Australia, wrapped up like a surprise present to me. I love presents, especially surprise ones, and I don’t get many these days unless I give them to myself… It makes me glad that I used to buy mum presents and sad that I didn’t often take the trouble to wrap them nicely (although surprisingly for an artist, my presentation skills are a little underwhelming). But I digress…

            I haven’t tried the contents yet, but the way in which my goodies were presented took me back a couple of months to another set of beautifully wrapped parcels, and the third blog entry I wrote but never published, fearing I was breaching blog etiquette.

I’ve retrieved that blog entry now because something in the hand written note that accompanied my parcel, made me newly conscious of role we all play in keeping our smaller businesses and manufacturers afloat. Its been said before (thanks, Downunder Toys) but now I want to say it too. We need to support the good folk who are ethical, caring and discerning in their dealings and choice of stock; as well as those who make unique and interesting products, by buying from them in order to help them compete against the big companies. We all appreciate “sexy”; and care, attention and ethical dealings is just that!

So please support The Slinky Minx and other (sexy) companies like this!

This is already a long post, but I do want to share my original content, my apologies for the quality of the photo’s…

          Today’s mail bought two parcels, one from  Aphrodites Pleasure and another from Miss Discreet in the UK. One sells quality adult sex toys the other exquisite lingerie. What they have in common is they are both small businesses and both pay noticeable care and attention to their products and their customers, ensuring that the quality goods they stock are packaged not just safely and discretely, but also thoughtfully and with eye to pleasure and delight.

Aphrodites Pleasure sent me a Lelo vibrator (now there’s another company, albeit with a much larger budget, who show concern for the sensual delight of their customers); simply but beautifully packaged in firm, crisp paper, tied with contrasting string and accompanied by their business card. This in turn was cocooned in bubble wrap and placed in a sturdy post bag.

All of which made me consider how badly another company – considerably larger in scale, had packaged an earlier order of mine resulting in dents to the presentation boxes of two expensive sex toys – another Lelo, and a Tenga Iroha. So guess which company is NOT getting my business from here on!

Finally I should also mention the care and attention to detail of two other small businesses while I’m on a roll: Lovecrafters handmade silicone toys from Canada (drumroll for my tentacle thang!!!) and Mojoco in Robina, Queensland have also demonstrated their care and attention to detail and customer service along with their quality products. Thanks people – long may you continue!