Sinful SundayI went to Oz Kink Fest last Saturday, my first ever…
I had a great time, but quickly felt very overdressed.
Luckily I had something on under my Indigo “labia” cardigan I felt I could display… I thought my blue lacy bra worked well with the cardigan, my navy damask pants, favourite blue boots…
The image was taken with my phone during a food break, I liked the graininess I achieved in my photo editor. I took a pic of my boots later in the week for something else…
Unfortunately I think my déshabillé may have contributed to severe bronchitis this week, but on balance I think it was worth it!

21 thoughts on “Overdressed

    • Thanks its nice to get compliments! I tend not to notice if someone I don’t know is paying attention, but I certainly felt more in the spirit once I’d taken my high necked top off.

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  1. Delicious image, and a beautiful bra as well. There’s something really special about good lingerie, so very sexy. I hope you really enjoyed Oz Kink Fest too. Events of that sort can be fantastic. I love being able to absorb all the kinky energy swirling around, even though as a bit of an introvert, I normally find crowds to be exhausting. I’m sorry to hear about catching bronchitis, get better soon!

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    • Thank you. Yes it was fun. Unfortunately I only went to to expo part not anything else but I’ve got stacks of photos and vid footage. Like you I tend to find crowds a bit intimidating but there was a nice vibe. Sick of the bronchitis but being in bed has some advantages – most of which (unfortunately) simply involve a computer and my blog…Still haven’t had a chance to test the toys I bought…

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    • I would like to write something up and I’ve got quite a few pics and clips as well. It may not be for a couple of weeks though. Finding this bronchitis is really making things difficult plus I’ve got work to do for my day job. Kicking myself that I arrived late and missed part of catwalk. But what I did see was fabulous. Lots of hard work went into some great performances and gear. Met up with a couple of companies including people for whom I’m doing my first official toy review. Very crowded, nice buzz in the air…more later xx


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