Fluid on my pillow (book)

pour (3)

Since my 20’s I’ve loved the Edo period of Japanese art, especially the erotic Shunga prints. While I find the exaggerated proportions of the male protagonists very erotic (I have a very large dildo and a kimono I keep for just this fantasy), I’m also taken by the gorgeous courtesans at their toilette which are featured in the “pillow books”. So a while ago I bought a half wine barrel to take this fantasy into the bathroom (and when the weather warms up, maybe outdoors).

Now I do know you are supposed to be clean before jumping into the Japanese style tub but as an artist I wanted to do something with Indigo paint for this photo shoot so please go with me on this…

I wasn’t going to get wet for this first week of the topic as I’ve still got bronchitis, but I just couldn’t resist (and the pressurised whipped cream I bought was too cold even for me…)

#olderwomensexuality   Sinful Sunday

28 thoughts on “Fluid on my pillow (book)

    • Thank you May! This is a still off a video the footage looks incredible – I might do a short film clip and add to my site. (I’ll add it to the growing to do list)


  1. Oh, I love this! I want my own wine barrel now. 🙂

    Fantastic concept. I like the angle you used, and the black & white gives it a nostalgic quality that makes me want to keep looking for a long time.

    A very creative, powerful image.

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    • Thank you for your appreciation, I was tempted by the natural image because of the richness of the blue but in the end I went back to the monochrome. Sinful Sunday is really improving my use of photography…


    • Thanks Molly, actually feeling the best I have in two weeks, so frisking around in the nude yesterday didn’t make to worse thankfully. I’ll be posting more from this shoot on Smutober in the near future.


    • Thanks Tabitha! I am feeling the best I have in about two weeks – sadly now I have work to catch up on… Still I was very pleased with this shoot – all on my phone, cause my real camera wouldn’t co-operate…
      Indie x

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    • Thanks Michael, I waited for ages to get one, they are becoming harder to get because of changing winemaking practices. I haven’t got my act together to drill the plughole in the bases yet, so i have to bucket it out by hand, bit of a pain, but i haven’t used it during August/September, too cold…


  2. There are so many things to love about this photo – the sensuous nature of it, the freaking AMAZING tub (I want one!), the very creative use of indigo paint as your fluid, your lovely form, and just the words “Pilow Book” bring up a whole host of erotic images to me. Really brilliant idea!


    • Thanks Jo, I appreciate the feedback! It was quite a bit of work to set up but I now have a bank of images to play with, which is great. I believe a rash of tub buying is breaking out across the world!
      Indie x

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    • Thank you! I’ve really appreciate your feedback on this image – you will all be seeing more of this photo shoot, and some future tub outdoors images when the weather is warmer. I’m now seriously thinking of taking a second one up to my studio which is the Oasis of my blog title.More private outdoor spaces up there – but much smaller town – riskier exposure – lol…


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