Fair’s fair…sugar

No fair in town at the moment, so I had to create my own fun! (With a nod to our ongoing Marriage Equality postal vote)

Ice-cream’s do it for me every time. And in case you are wondering, its not vanilla, its salty macadamia…


(Now where did my carousel horse get to?)

I just saw the Wicked Wednesday prompt and had to rework this to accommodate.



I’d been working from home all day, still in my PJ’s, no real incentive to get dressed until I saw the Smutober prompt – Fair. What a perfect excuse to try on some new sexy clothes I’d recently bought online, sashay into town and buy an icecream – purely to take selfies for the challenge, of course.

It was a warm night but I pulled on my new jacket over a low cut Indigo top, some spotted blue jeans and my favourite blue boots of course. I’d pinned my long hair back but not up, striving to look sexy but casual enough for the “fair”. When I stepped away from the car my boots rang out delightfully, and I found myself moving easily from my hips, feeling hot, feeling exotic, in my Indigo clothes.

The ice cream parlour was crowded when I stepped inside. Two Asian girls sitting in the corner quickly looked at me then each other then turned away. The group of youngsters in front glanced back and seemed to shuffle nervously. Did I look as Cougarish as I felt?
I made a point of smiling sweetly at the young man behind the counter as he handed over my Salty Macadamia, before I strode, boots echoing on the concrete floor, out the door and into the night to take my photographs. But I couldn’t resist pausing in the doorway to glance back briefly as I took my first long lick…


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    • Yes its a pretty horrid situation for so many people here in Australia. Although its lovely to see the goodwill of so many Aussies young and old, getting on the phones to friends and family, taking part in marches and taking pics of their YES votes and posting adventures at the postbox. The NO vote has a very diversionary spin on it, complete nonsense, but some folk may fall for it unfortunately. I don’t want to think of the damage that will occur to so many people if the nay-sayers carry the day….
      By the way my first “proper” sex toy review was published today – would you mind passing on the word to folk to come have a look on my site https://midnight-atthe-oasis-64.blog/2017/10/04/tiptoeing-with-a-tulip-sex-toy-review/ Cheers, Indie

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