Botanica – Leaves & Spikes

First it was a declaration of my interest in Shunga – which translates to “Spring Pictures”; then there was my review – Tiptoe Through the Tulips (which was, by the way my first any constructive criticism welcome) and now its Leaves & Spikes. Am I just imagining it  or is there a Botanical theme emerging here?

I noticed the amazingly spiky shadow in the patch of sunlight and just had to play with it for today’s theme. Luckily neither of the cats claimed that patch like they usually do (although one of them perched above me on the arm of the coach and watched proceedings intently). I couldn’t just choose one from the pics I took, so here’s a bunch of them! (and the puns are coming thick and fast – oh dear I’ll stop now its all too much!)

It must be the spring sunshine (finally).

8 thoughts on “Botanica – Leaves & Spikes

  1. Very clever is absolutely correct. You do have an artists’ eye, no doubt about it. If it was for a time lost, it’s a true blessing, not only for yourself, that it has returned! More!


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