My ties to a tutu

Hi folks, I had a lovely weekend at “The Oasis” – my studio retreat. Took some photo’s on my iphone. Some are a little grainy, but I don’t mind the feel.


I bought the blue tutu at a charity shop some weeks ago. Tutu’s not only tie into my memories of ballet, but also of a favorite Toulouse Lautrec work  The Clowness Cha-U-Kao. But then I also appreciate her gray hair and fuller figure too…

If I was much younger and much much fitter I’d love to be part of a circus. It was something I worked towards when I was about 10…

I find there is something vaguely reminiscent of this painting in the pics I took, I hope you do too – otherwise my vague allusion to the theme for today is just a little bit cactus.
Lautrec the clownesse cha-u-kao at the moulin rouge ii 1895 {{PD-1923-text}}, {{PD-Layout}}

More coming up on later blog entries for the other memes I follow #WickedWednesday and #SinfulSunday.




4 thoughts on “My ties to a tutu

    • Thanks for the feedback on the meme. Studio retreat is in a small town, which is struggling a bit – too far away from the big towns, so house prices were/are very cheap. I’ve had to do a lot of work to it, and plenty more to do, but I’m glad I bought it. Mum and I had some good times there too, so fond memories. Another bonus – no cat hair! (Knew you’d appreciate that – lol)


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