To make an omelette…


Just messing around in the kitchen…


I have no real idea what this post is about… But it was Sunday and Mum used to always be eager for eggs on toast on Sunday. So i thought I’d make eggs on toast  (the title is poetic licence) – only I ended up wearing one of them. And since I seem to be doing a lot of photography lately I just had to take a picture. In fact I’m doing more photography than cooking, can’t see to get in the groove with the cooking thing since Mum went. Therefore making eggs is a surprisingly big deal!

4 thoughts on “To make an omelette…

  1. It took forever for me to figure out what to do with my time when my Mom died, I’d been a caregiver for so long, I didn’t know what to do! Your posts are always poignant, and I really like your artistic touch!

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    • Thanks mate. Driving back from “The Oasis” today I started thinking about the Xmas break, and then I got on to “the rest of my life”… Some day’s are definitely tougher than others. How long ago did your Mom die?
      PS I did have fun yesterday, I hope you enjoy the tutu frivolity coming up… Indie


    • It was actually my soft boiled egg on toast that dripped. I had planned to do an iced coffee recipe on my torso but the weather changed and my bronchitis is still hanging on so I just went with this…


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