Inspired by entries in this weeks Masturbation Monday, especially the thoughts on mental stimulation by The Zen Nudist I’ve sourced another poem from my archives. It’s less direct than many of the other entries, but I hope it works for you…



Standing in the kitchen


for the kettle to boil,

I feel

the subtle rasp

of dark toned flesh

on flesh toned cloth

& realise

my thoughts have drifted

once more

to you #


























6 thoughts on “Drift

  1. Aren’t Kayla and John just awesome? I’m glad you found Masturbation Monday, it’s one of my own favorites. I really like this piece, it’s about such a simple moment to the unknowing observer, yet such a meaningful one when looking inward. I really apprecreciate the insight into your mind and past. I’m far better at non-fiction prose than anything else, so sometimes struggle making my own Masturbation Monday entries. Lately, I’ve been working with Sinnjara, she does her “scribbles” as she calls them, and I play the role of editor. Sometimes the project turns into a true collaboration, other times I barely change punctuation. I need to recharge my brain for fantasy, having lived out many of my own long ago… Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration you provide…

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    • I’ve found it interesting seeing how diverse we all are in our writing. I love that we let our erotic natures out to play but also value the more serious writing and even the research I’m encountering in the various groups. The Whores of Yore piece on the word Cunt was fascinating. Have you seen it?

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