Questions About the Tulip Answered

I sent a copy of my review of Downunder Toys Tulip to the company for comment. This is the reply from JD to the questions I asked in the review:

Hi Indigo,

Thanks so much for sending me an advance copy of your review.

I can’t see anything that I would ask you to change, but I can answer your questions:

– Are replacement controller units/vibes available in the event of accident?
– Your paper sleeves covering the toy boxes look like they are printed using vegetable dye inks, is this the case or am I dreaming?
– What are the current postage rates for your products?


1. Yes, we have replacement controllers and vibration motors for the U7 pack. These are sold separately, under accessories, on our website. Please note that we use rechargeable batteries in our controller packs and recommend our customers use them too. We continue to use the U7 motor set as they are simple and reliable as it has taken a few years for us to source the kind of rechargeable internal battery that lasts.
Over a 20+ year period we have only ever replaced two U7 packs, that were faulty, and neither of them were new when returned to us. Our new product release – the Downunder Bliss, uses a rechargeable battery, so we’re coming around to the idea that these can be reliable.

2. I will check the postage rate, as it looks like the GST has been added to the shipping rate, and that’s not right. I am happy to refund your shipping and will make sure it gets reduced for everyone else.

2. We use standard ink cartridges in our printers-we have most of our packaging art printed by an eco-friendly printer but we do print in-house some of the packaging for products that are low volume sellers, which the Tulip is.

I take on board your comment about the information for product cleaning and for removal and replacement of the vibe motor, for cleaning. I will include more detail on our packaging in future. Thanks for bringing it up.


JD Ryan
Downunder Toys