Its a little overexposed (the photograph I mean), but I’m happy with it anyway! This was one of a number of shots I took at “The Oasis” last weekend, while dressed in my tutu and stockings, and channeling the artworks of Toulouse Lautrec…

Early in the new year I plan to start a fortnightly meme “Art Twist” which uses artworks (selected and otherwise) as the starting point for some creative adventures such as this one. So you might want to look in your archives, or think about how you can stage your favorite works with this in mind… This will be an opportunity to include more than one person in your images as well…

And… watch this space…

Sinful Sunday


32 thoughts on “Circus

  1. I’m excited about the future you mention – sounds like a challenging meme but great fun – if you need any assistance setting it up just let Sinnjara and I know… We’ve been looking to host a regular meme ourselves, but haven’t been past throwing around ideas…

    I’m enjoying your picture too, of course. I like yr butt. πŸ™‚ I hope it doesn’t offend you when I say the pic makes me want to throw you over a knee and spank you soundly… That’s just how I roll! lol


    • Thanks for the offer Michael and Sinnjara, I’ll think it over. Might be possibilities for guest choices. The other thing I thought of while eyeing of an antique silver hairbrush today in the Antique Store and thinking about my own solos capabilities and also appreciatively about your other comment, was to do a meme around objects/costumes/settings we love… (I bought a wooden handled 1945-ish barbers brush instead)…
      Indie X


    • Thanks Aurora, much appreciated. I had a “fine” time trying to figure out angles with my new selfie stick. Lol… I’m pleased you are interested in the new meme. Even if it starts out with three or four people and we have some fun with it maybe others will be interested in it… I hope so anyway.


  2. The blue hues are gorgeous, and perfect. Lush photo πŸ’‹
    Oh my gosh I’m sooooo excited about your meme!
    I’ve done some Mucha inspired posts for Sinful Sunday. Will be fun to explore more.

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    • Thanks Tabitha, I had so much fun with this photo shoot. As for the meme that’s excellent! start hunting out those pics! Would you be interested in doing a guest spot once we get started? Indie x


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