A Day of Frustration?

Today of all days, my car had inexplicably failed to start. Tossing the car keys onto the bench in frustration I picked up the phone and dialled the local railway station, glancing over my shoulder to check the time. A bus was departing in 25 minutes. No train, the line was under maintenance, it would have to be a bus. It was turning out to be a day of frustration.

Fortunately the taxi operator was unable to see the fine fandango of eye rolling, teeth gritting and fancy foot shuffling which accompanied my impatient working through of her necessary prompts. I reined in my impatience a little once the cab arrived, trying to meet the cabbies pleasantries with brief but friendly responses, but unable to relax until we arrived at the station with 10 minutes to spare. Time enough to buy a ticket, not enough time for coffee. While I would have had time for a break along the way if I’d driven, I was now back on schedule – or close enough, and I tried to lighten my mood by anticipating a day spent in the company of Ryan, my relatively new, and very energetic young lover.

I counted myself fortunate that the older woman who had occupied the seat next to me had disembarked at the first small town, taking a host of shopping bags and her well meaning but distracting conversation with her. In her absence I had no immediate neighbours except for a couple of students who were making good use of their time together, discussing plans to see the latest movie when they arrived at our final destination.

Shutting out their youthful enthusiasm I surrendered to the thrum of the bus engine as it vibrated pleasantly through my body, massaging some of the remaining soreness from my hips and thighs, as I recalled in some detail the position Ryan had held me in two days ago, when we last spent time together. Recalling the pounding he had given my not unwilling cunt I smiled to feel the moisture gathering on my undies in memory and anticipation. Twisting a little in my seat, I found I was able to position my clit against the firm seam of my jeans, and with the slightest of movements to gain an even greater feeling of arousal.

Glancing sideways across the aisle of the bus I checked that other occupants were still absorbed in their debate over the merits of Ghostbusters and Star Trek III, before moving my laptop to the vacant seat beside me, and piling my jacket casually across the top.Visual barrier in place I returned to my rumination, recalling in detail the beauty and constant vigour of what I mentally referred to as his “pale sweet flesh”. Thinking about Ryan’s long fair hair, his intense gray eyes and lovely young body made me even hotter. He was only a few years older than the two across the way, could easily debate the merits of the films they were discussing with as much boyish enthusiasm as they, but he was also a man of strong and purposeful sexual desires. I loved the jounce of his balls against my arse and the squelch and slap that accompanied each powerful thrust.

Perhaps tonight when we returned home we would turn off the lights, pull down the blinds and play our favourite game; “Hunter”. The thought of being pursued as I crawled across the floor, naked except for the leather belt encircling my waist was incredibly exciting. We played for fun but we played seriously, aiming to prolong the game. Once his blindfold was in place, with the Judas Priest turned up to loud to mask my movements, I did my best to avoid his blindly groping hands, to fend him off as he clutched at my ankle, my thigh or my arse, and to escape as he tried to flip me over, or pin me down.

The thought of our nocturnal games made me whimper a little, breaking me out of the zone. A sudden jolt of adrenaline washed over me, and I quickly checked that I was still unobserved. The students had moved onto other topics, but their attention remained on themselves.

Eagerly I shifted my weight again, so that I rested on one buttock, the other raised slightly enabling me to gain more friction. Cautiously I slid my hand between my thighs pressing the fabric of my jeans more firmly against my clit. As I did so my gaze drifted to the view outside the bus window, simultaneously registering a slowing of the vehicle’s speed. Somehow, inexplicably we were within minutes of our destination. My pleasure would have to be delayed. Frustrated again. But my grimace slowly turned to a smile as I realised that we would both be on the return journey in the bus. We would be travelling back together, both of us, in the dark.


This entry is a reimagining of good times way back when. “Ryan” is the young man who inspired my poetry… Somehow this post fits all three of the creative weekday memes I am involved with. And while triple dipping is very naughty it fits them all rather well. (And if it’s very very naughty then I will consider myself soundly spanked!)



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  1. Well you have me hooked, taking that ride back hopefully has the prospect of her frustration being lay to rest. Loved following her thought process as she reminisced at what had been and what will be along with her reaction to it.


    • Thanks John, I appreciate the feedback. Writing this has been a test of my memory as well as my writing skills, especially when there are so many terrific writers contributing! I hope the sequel is up to scratch…

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