From the Sublime to…

What a week – from the sublime to the ridiculous…

  • The situation I lamented in This Tattoo I Can Never Erase was mitigated. I have been granted a “widows pension” which means my finances are going to improve a little. This is a reasonably sublime outcome from a ridiculous bureacratic and emotional situation.
  • This means I was able to buy a dildo and some lube from Narelle at the sublime Slinky Minx who unfortunately has decided to close the sex toy side of her business. The Slinky Minx has been caught up in her own version of the Pornocalypse.
  • Just over a week ago I made my 50th blog post only to have my nipples immediately censored  on Facebook. Then I found out on Friday I’d been shadowbanned by Twitter.
  • I was mentioned in last week’s #sinfulsunday 341 roundup for my Mermaid image. Thanks to Violet from Fire and Honey for selecting my image and of course our host Molly Moore – power to your blogging fingers, hearts and minds! Sublime!
  • My sexy friend but non-sexual partner “Lilith” has agreed to join me in some rope adventures. This is utterly sublime – the ridiculous part is owing to her crazy work/life/study imbalance the date for this is looking like 2020, by which time I may be too old and decrepit to appreciate it!
  • I’ve been writing stories about my sublimely sexy adventures with Ryan, which has been a very mixed bag emotionally for me. It has certainly reminded me of how sexually attuned we were, as well as the pain of losing someone I regarded then (and possibly still???) as a soul mate – memories I have managed to avoid for 25+ years. Halloween signaled the start of a fairly protracted and surprisingly public ending to our relationship, so in addition to finding the commercial and cultural hegemony of this event quite ridiculous, its also hard to take on an emotional level.
  • The combination of “remembering Ryan”, and thinking about the upcoming Xmas – my first without Mum, has meant that I’ve had to start medicating again, after staying off my anti-depressants for just over 12 months. I find it faintly ridiculous that blogging has been what has kept me afloat since July, but I’m also grateful for the feedback and inspiration I’ve been getting from my fellow bloggers.
  • Coming back from a weekend away at The Oasis with my daughter and grandkids, one of the first things I discovered when I logged on was that one of my stories about Ryan and I – Cold Water, had made the top 3 on #wickedwednesday 283. Thanks Cousin Pons, and thanks to Marie Rebelle our host, this was a sublime end to a pleasant family weekend!
  • Because I was away I didn’t get to post a contribution to Erosblog’s call to share our shit on Saturdays #SSoS – so this is it… Lets see what Twitter makes of it!



3 thoughts on “From the Sublime to…

  1. Quite a week for you – I did manage to get involved at the last minute in #SoSS – u may have noticed on my sinful Sunday post – and you were one of the people I shared this week- with a link to that great window shot of yours 😉

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    • Yes, thank you so much May! I noticed just before I went out, but wanted to mail you rather than adding it to my reply to your post.
      Got so absorbed in playing catch up with the writing that I didn’t realise it was nearly midnight, store was closed when I got there. Cats won’t be happy in the morning…
      Then a couple of young lads with what looked liked a stolen car being checked over by the local police at the servo. Quite an eventful 30 mins or so – lol. (At least I got some chocolate when I bought my petrol).
      Indie xx


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