Very Sinful Sunday


The other day the sun came out, and so did I.

so did the neighbour…

I’m not sure how much he saw of my photo shoot, while he was up the ladder pruning the ivy, but I spotted a sneaky smile on his face as I went inside.

Sinful Sunday


24 thoughts on “Very Sinful Sunday

  1. How funny – I wonder how often us sexbloggers have been seen without knowing when taking a sneaky photo. Really like the shot – it’s a “what happened next” image 😉

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    • I have so much video footage of that day, it took me ages to decide which “photo” to isolate. What you can’t see in that pic is that I had a basket full of dildo’s as I was doing a set up for the Art meme I want to do early next year, and taking off Luncheon in the Grass (except it was more like dildo’s on the gravel). I made sure I talked to the neighbour he wasn’t getting away with being invisible – cheeky bugger!

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  2. I have never knowingly been caught in garden or on walks. Emphasis on knowingly.

    Would be so much better being caught be a like minded soul…at least we could take the other’s pics !

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    • Thank you. Funny thing is I hardly ever see him, so it will be interesting to see if he finds more reasons to garden near our joint fence. I’ll be on the lookout in future, don’t really want to give him any ideas…


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