Night Swimming



“Hi, me. Can we meet? ”

“I’m free Friday night and most of Saturday…”

“Good. So am I”

“Excellent… Plan on an overnight adventure then”

“What time can we meet?”


“Ok. Bottom gate?”

“Yes. See you there”

“Ok. Bye…”


As soon as we stopped, the roar of the early morning tide permeated the car. We sat in silence for a moment listening to the sound, punctuated by ticking from the cooling engine. The leather of Ryans’ jacket creaked as he leaned toward me, sliding one hand between my thighs, the other behind my head. His long fingers twined through my hair, drawing my head toward his, flicking his tongue between my lips in a teasing kiss which quickly became more intense. I reached under his jacket, smoothing my hand across his t-shirt, tracing his stomach and chest with a firm pressure, deliberately catching a nipple as I reached up to clutch at his shoulder. His moan broke the kiss, and we moved reluctantly apart, newly aware of our surroundings.

Gathering towels, a blanket and the esky from the rear seat, we locked the car, and headed toward the dunes. The bright moonlight which had sent shadows scurrying before the car on our journey through the countryside, now illuminated the steep wooden steps leading down to the beach, before shimmering across the waves below. The night exuded a magical feel, as Ryan led the way, his long hair bouncing and lifting with each cat like stride, finer strands lifting in the sea breeze. The same breeze stiffened my nipples beneath the t-shirt I wore. Knowing I was meeting Ryan, I hadn’t bothered with a bra, a matter that had not gone unnoticed on the three hour journey down here…

We had stopped along the way, taking time to shelter in an empty truck lay-by for a grope that turned into a fast fuck. It had been six days since we’d been together, and we were both primed and ready. Before his fingers thrust into my swollen cunt, he was hard, and as soon as I saw he was hard I pushed his fingers to one side, pulled my jeans further down below my knees and surged onto his erect cock. In response he drove into me, fingers digging into my arse, even as my cunt muscles quivered and clutched his shaft. With one hand I rubbed my clit, while the other clutched the side of his head as I bit and sucked his shoulders and neck near his jawline.
It was over quickly, urgent desire making us drive frantically on to orgasm, rather than prolong the act…

A cursory glance around the beach confirmed what the car park had already suggested, we were alone here. Depositing the blanket, towels and esky under some scrub which shadowed the last rise, we shed our clothes and headed toward the water, laughing with delight at the crunch and give of the sand beneath our bare feet, avoiding the dark patches of seaweed, scattered near the tideline. At the edge of the water I paused.


“Yes.” he said turning to look at me. “What’s up?”

“I can’t swim.”


“Yes. Really”

Seeing my anxiety, Ryan suggested that I simply remain in the shallows while he went out further into the waves for a quick swim. Knee deep in water I watched nervously as he ventured down the path of the moonlight. He was a strong swimmer but eventually my anxieties got the better of me and I urged him to return. Emerging from the waves, water and moonlight streaming down his angular body, he cajoled me a little deeper, until I stood nervously in water just above waist height, breasts raising and lifting with the slap of incoming waves. Turning me so we both faced out to sea, he held me firmly with one arm across my chest while he ran his other hand over my breasts and stomach, then, feeling me beginning to relax against him, reached beneath the water to fondle and cup my mound. Despite the coolness of the water, his cock began to stir, although I could feel how the chill had contracted his balls. With each surge of the incoming water, my body was rocked back against his length. We stayed there peacefully for a little while, until the wind freshened, and hunger bit, encouraging us to head back up the beach to our belongings.

We remained at the beach for the remainder of the night, naked but snug in a scrub hide -away. The sound of the ocean alternately urged us to couple, then lulled us to sleep, despite the brilliance of the moonlight, which would ordinarily have made us wakeful. When dawn brought the sound of other people to the beach, we dressed quietly and discretely returned to the car. It was the first of several late night visits to that beach, each preceded by a quick telephone call, but we never again managed to time it so that we encountered such perfection of moonlight. The moonlight did, however, accompany us on several more adventures a little closer to where we then lived. But these are stories for another time.

The erotic poems, which were an early post on this blog refer to that time, although the photographs are more recent and are of a different beach. Sadly, these days I would not venture barefoot across that beach, even in daylight.

This post is in response to Masturbation Monday prompt 166 by Krystal Minx which features a naked figure in the moonlight; and Wicked Wednesday Prompt 284 by Marie Rebelle

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21 thoughts on “Night Swimming

  1. I love your descriptions of the beach, especially knowing now that you can’t swim. I find that water has an incredibly sexual pull, and you describe it beautifully – the urge juxtaposed against the lull.

    A beautiful memory. πŸ™‚

    {And, ‘eksy’~ I learned a new word.}

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    • Thanks Feve I appreciate the feedback! I’m happier wandering around the rocks playing in rock pools and collecting shells. I can breast stroke a little but I wouldn’t like to stake my life on it with my fitness levels. I’m generally ok in water provided It’s not too deep but the ocean has the added difficulty of salty water in the face. “Esky’s” are probably old school now replaced by some other brand of portable food cooler – lol.
      Indie xx


      • In 1999, I spent just over a week in Australia. I remember the beach in Wollongong had rock-walled wave pools, and people swam in the leftover wave water when the tide was out. I have a picture, from that trip, of a woman swimming in the wavepool wearing a bathing cap. (That might not be what you meant by ‘rock pools’ but that memory came back as soon as I read your comment. πŸ™‚ )

        And Byron Bay…

        Well, there’s a whole different set of memories that go with that beach. πŸ˜€

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        • Thanks for sharing Feve, sounds like you had an interesting time here. And Byron, well Byron’s another thing all together….
          A week is such a small amount of time, this place is so damn big. Where I live is a lot cooler than NSW, more like what I imagine the UK is like…

          I didn’t mean tidal bathing pools, but that’s ok. I’ve never been to the sort of pools you describe but I am aware of them. Indie xx


    • What a pity! Some nights are just made for this sort of experience. Maybe next time?

      I think we were fortunate then because now days I doubt if that beach is deserted for long. We used to spend a lot of time driving under moonlight too. I wish I’d put in a bit more detail about that – it was glorious!
      Indie xx


    • In those days if we didn’t get it sorted asap, I think I would have run us off the road… Too much lovely groping and teasing going on… But I never felt like they were half loaves, more like appetizers…Lol!


    • The beach we were at is known as a “safe” beach. It was very bright moonlight, but I wouldn’t do it now. Ryan had a way of bringing me out of any insecurities I had – but then he did have the recklessness of youth! And now that I think about it this was quite a while before the incident with the water spirit or I doubt we would have ventured there.
      Indie xox


    • Its a beautiful spot. I must go on a pilgrimage! i’ve been tearing the house apart looking for some drawings I did of that time. I just hope I haven’t burned them, but I’m running out of options. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!!! I’ve just replied to your latest maze pics (looks like a glorious day); am in the process of linking back to the Scavenger hunt on my Do page…


  2. What a lovely memory. I love that urgency you had for each other. As someone who also can’t swim (but loves the beach and water) I know that anxiety all too well…I’d much rather have had my hands on him than have him out there swimming anyway. πŸ˜‰

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