Sharing our (fabulous) sh*t Saturday

#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday. Oops put the wrong has tag on it, so it didn’t go out as planned

I’ve been a bit remiss on this one, having been away the last two weekends (and going away again tomorrow). And to be frank there are so many wonderful posts out there it’s getting hard to choose, my reader fills up fast these days…

My first choice this week was an entry that made me laugh – again, and again, and again… If I was given to pun’s I’d say this entry was A-mazing, wickedly clever and, as always, left me wondering “How the f*ck does she get away with it!!!” Of course I’m talking about the ever inventive Modesty Ablaze and her Maze entry for the Scavenger Hunt. And in case you didn’t quite see enough of this glorious blogger take a look at her slideshow. Thank you lovely woman you always make me smile!

Another entry I want to draw your attention to hits an altogether different note. I’m talking about the honest and courageous piece of writing by CaraThereon around the issue of her confronting and taboo fantasy. I’m not going to tell you about it in any detail, but I think you should go have a look for yourself. It certainly gave me something to think about. Thanks Cara!

My next entry is different again, and being an arty sort of creature I had to include this stunning image entitled Underdressed/Overexposed from Aurora Glory for Sinful Sunday. Being a judge on Sinful Sunday is hard work, the entries were amazing this week! But don’t take my word for it – go see for yourself…

And on the literary side of things I’ve been enjoying Cimmerian Sentiment’s serial short story Kasey & Parker Things are really getting interesting between those two – I missed a couple and was still up finishing chapter 8 last night at 1.45 am….

A shorter story I also really enjoyed was Ina Morata’s Chatline
about a chatline sex worker, David and his late night call. Thanks Ina!




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  1. Thank you so much, Indigo, for the mention in your post. This was another one of those pieces that I very nearly didn’t publish – and, typically, readers always like those ones! πŸ™‚ I’ll be reading all the rest, too.

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  2. Thanks so much Indigo for mentioning my story Kacey & Parker. It’s a new sub-genre for me and I’m a bit nervous about this one… and excited.

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