Private Dancer


Going through my old drawings at the Oasis this weekend I came across this piece I did around 1995. I was younger and thinner then, fit enough that I could do belly dance floorwork including backbends. While I danced at festivals and for community events sometimes I danced privately for my lover. While I wore silk costumes and intricate metal jewellery when I danced in public, when I danced privately I was considerably more exposed.
Having said that, in sharing one of my nude drawings, I feel more than a little overexposed. I hope you enjoy it. I also found another drawing from around the same time you might appreciate – you can find it next to the link to Erotic Life Drawing on my Do List.

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For the follow up ‘dance’ video I made see Private Dancer 2. here...

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A kiss on the lips will show you who else is playing this week…

Sinful Sunday


25 thoughts on “Private Dancer

  1. This Is fantastic Indie – What a great talent you have for drawing and also the dancing – I am very taken by the lines and proportions of the composition. Bloody Excellent! Gold star I think 😉

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    • Thanks Rebel. I will go through my sketchbooks for you and see what I can find. i got rid of so much including I think the Ryan drawings when mum and I moved in together. (rolls eyes, smacks forehead). Indie xox


    • Not professionally at the moment, the Oasis I refer to in my posts is a studio space in a town some distance from home. Im hoping I will get back into it soon. I lost my mojo when mum died, and atm I’m blogging as my creative outlet…
      Thanks for asking. Indie x


  2. It makes me soooo happy when artists post photos of their erotic art on Sinful Sunday (more, please!). This is a great sketch; dancing with and for lovers is a favorite pass time of mine, so this put a huge smile on my face.

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    • Thanks very much Jo. I got rid of a lot of my old work when mum and I moved in together. Unfortunately the drawings I did of Ryan and I together seem to have been a casualty, but I keep looking for the one box that might have something in it…
      Really appreciate the feedback!
      Indie x

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