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I always appreciate a post which makes me smile, chuckle, laugh out load or groan in that knowing, appreciative way. So Mrs Fever’s post Neologisms on Temperatures Rising last week was a clear winner! Thanks Mrs Fever Shakespeare would have been proud.

Lascivious Lucy has such an erotic imagination (?). I don’t know how I missed it on either of the meme’s she posted this too, but I found her post “Wrong number” fascinating. I’m not sure what the creature was she encountered but – go read it for yourself!

My clit is a hotness barometer when I’m reading, so when I read Cimmerian Sentiments’ post The Concert on Masturbation Monday this week, well it told me what my mind already thought only better. Very hot read, and the other MM entries are worth reading too…

My clit barometer also greatly appreciated the glorious photo by the Quilted Wookie aka The Zen Nudist which was MM’s feature photo this week. I could happily have this photo blown up and on my bedroom wall! (But then I may not get any blogging done)…

And finally, this wasn’t in my reader, but on Wicked Wednesday Naughty Nora really had me going with her lush, lascivious “sex with a sexy stranger” Geography entry, In My Mind’s Eye. Thanks Nora!

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