Sexpo visit 2017


Yesterday marked my first (and probably last) visit to Sexpo in Melbourne, and my feet still hate me.
Five hours of:
a) wandering around South Wharf looking for the venue
b) wandering round venue looking at what was on offer
c) wandering round venue looking for somewhere to sit and
d) making the trek back to the carpark in my socks because I could not walk another step in my Indigo boots!
Note to self – practicality before vanity next time I go to an event!!!

Watching the last 5 minutes of Mistress Tokyo and aerialist Paloma Negra performing a mix of Shibari and trapeze work. (Pissed I missed the whole thing, it was the main performance I wanted to see – see a) above…

Meeting and exchanging ideas and contact details with performers Koraly Dimitriadis and Amy Bodossian whose erotic writings were on display.

Catching up with Adrian from Aphrodites Pleasure. I always enjoy talking about the latest quality toys with this bloke. He not only knows his stuff but he asks your opinion on toys and treats you like an equal! Best of all I found out he’s stocking the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee, so now I have a Christmas present mission for myself!

Getting flogged (more on that later)
Buying some fluoro candles (see above)

Being talked at intensely and pressurised to buy, by a sales guy from International Paintball Group – for about 15 minutes… (sometimes I’m too polite for my own good)

‘Food’ and coffee not available at the same stall. Coffee order wrong and took ages.
(By then I just wanted to go home)…

Having a strange young woman unexpectedly place a massage wand between my shoulder blades without asking first!!! Consent people!!!

Not much (lingerie, fetish gear etc) available in Indigo or any other blue for that matter. Eagle Leather had a gorgeous latex bra and knickers in a fabulous radiant blue but it was an S and the only one in stock. Sadly even I know that an XL into S does not go – no matter how much you wish it might! I had to settle for some bright blue nipple covers from another stall…

Paying for a Platinum ticket at the door, because the website wanted to know way too much personal info…

Too many cheap and nasty sex toys on display…

Interested to Follow Up
Feck Ethical Erotica. The artistic folk who bought us Beautiful Agony. They also host an Erotic Art Competition…

Having a custom made paddle in my colour made by Gil Stark at jujujezebel

Poetry readings at the Dan O’Connell in Melbourne…

Guilty Pleasures
Undercutting the assumptions of several stallholders that I needed to be introduced to lube and sex toys…

Buying a Platinum ticket…

Footwear – (see above)

Allowing the guy from the newly renamed Sex Party to place a sticker on my suede jacket – I’m still trying to get bits of the label off.

I’m not sorry I went – there is a first time for most things, but OZKink 2017 was way more fun, and had more exciting floor shows, more custom gear and better food. Of course it was a lot smaller and a lot more crowded…

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