Steamed Up Sunday

I’m absolutely furious about what Tabitha Rayne wrote about earlier today.
This ridiculous nipple ban offends me as a woman, an artist and a blogger!
So I went back through my images of old artworks and some newer photos, and put together this little collage.

And I intend to post more nipples over the coming week to keep protesting. You can join the #freethenipple group photoshoots website or join me in posting your boobs if you have time.

If anyone knows where to find the picture of American women flashing their boobs in protest (Vietnam War, Ban the bra? – I can’t remember) during sixties with the caption “smile if you support our cause” or something similar can you please tell me where to get a copy?

Find a nipple to kiss, and when you get a moment after that click on the lips to see who else has got something to say or show on #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday


30 thoughts on “Steamed Up Sunday

  1. OK… The following are mine (mind you I am just transitioning, and my breasts are still smallish – A/AA cup-size- but I think the nipples are already cute, aside of extremely sensitive) :
    These super-cute, blooming and fully developed ones are my younger sister’s:

    You may keep them here, but do not share, please; and do not tag or name the pics.

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    • Hi Li, Are you sure about sharing your photos with me – I’m not sure if anyone else can see them if they are just in the reader. I won’t publish them, but the point was to share our boobs in protest at social media rejecting nipple photo’s. I post my pictures to Sinful Sunday but I forget other followers may not be part of that sharing community. I think they are both beautiful photos, and yours look amazing, although I do hope you asked your sisters permission? I don’t know much about the transition process, do you have some idea how long before you get the size you want, or is it just a matter of wait and see?
      Regards and best wishes Indigo

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      • Hi, Indigo 🙂 I thank you very much your kindness and consideration to me and to my sister. As for your concern, maybe you are right.
        My sister is dead (she passed away fifteen month ago), had no more direct family than me and no problem at all about nakedness -she worked in her first youth as a showgirl, photo model and in the erotic trade in general-, and in fact she posted quite a few nude photographs on her blog. Said so, I did not fully realize the purpose of your petition, and moreover, FB and Twitter are places where I would no want to see her pictures (nor mine, by the way). So, I agree with you and accept your disposition to delete the links in my previous comment, or the comment itself, if you want.
        About my own edited selfie, I appreciate a lot your compliments 💜 ✨ ! I have taken oestrogen three times during my life, and twice I gave them up after few months. Now I intent to go further on; I started transition not long before my sis got very ill of cancer. I certainly ignore how much will my breasts naturally grow, but probably not much more than now, and in any case not beyond a middle-small size (let’s say B), which is just enough (and in fact, perfect) for my bodily type and personal tastes. Furthermore, I’m not willing to undergo any kind of surgery, since I feel fine as a bi-gendered person (androgynous) and do not fit in the more standard transgenderism.
        I thank you again very heartily, and send to you a big hug a sisterly kiss and my very best wishes ❤ ! — Lixie

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        • Lixie, I am very sorry to hear about your sister, but thank you for telling me. It is very hard to lose our dear family. I also appreciate you telling me about your own journey. We all have to make the choices that work best for us. Thanks for reply, and abig hug and sisterly kiss back to you. Indie xx

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          • Thanks a lot, Indie 🙂 You already gave me your kind condolences in a comment to a post of mine (which I answered right there, but perhaps you did not receive the notification – like often happens on WP). I congratulate you for your blog, your initiatives and your attitude. We’ll meet again here. (About the pics I sent, I’ve deleted them in GPhotos, so you do not have to edit or delete my comment). A big warm hug and all my support and affection. Kiss ✨ !

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  2. Great stuff Indie – I expect you saw my comment on Tabitha’s site and read my censorship article – so you know my feelings. It seems so wrong that in such modern times we are having to fight for free expression x

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    • Yeah it drives me nuts! I got so incensed reading Tabitha’s piece…
      FB blocked one of my pics (Leave your Hat On) about six weeks ago, and I was pissed off enough about that, but I read their guidelines and they say they actually allow artworks – photographs are clearly not regarded as such! And yet here is a Patreon site which has erotic drawings and Patreon is deleting it! Not that I think they should differentiate between photos and vis arts, and why nipples for gods sake! Especially when most of us are blogging/selling behind gates anyway. Steam coming out of my nostrils!!! Anyway I’m venting to the converted, so I’ll stop. As always good sharing ideas with you… Indie x


    • PS: FB didn’t block the “collage” I posted with this blog entry, which I found interesting. I deliberately chose drawings and photos which were a bit subtle – but…


    • Thanks Violet. I wish I had better drawings to share. I destroyed a lot of work when I moved into a smaller house with mum, little realising I would have a studio again. Indie


  3. I find this whole thing just crazy. What is going on in the world that the beauty of our bodies is vilified in this way and then censored. For heavens sake even photos of women feeding their babies are censored. I for one am going to keep on posting pictures of my own breasts. I love your artwork by the way, not to mention the real thing.


    • Thanks MPB, I’m planning on posting more altered photos. I’m going to test the limits of FB to see what I can get past their censor.
      It’s nice that you love the artwork, I wish I had better to show (see comments to Violet below). It’s tricky to share my work – the nudes are mostly left overs from journals and life drawing nothing recent. I guess I will have to get working again… Indie

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  4. Sadly most of the social media platforms are the same. Twitter is fairly cool with it and Tumblr pretends that it is but hides it from anyone who is not logged in so it is only really a pretense.


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    • Thanks Molly. It was the stuff on Patreon that Tabitha wrote about that really made me angry! If I can only work out my Pinterest buttons properly I’ll add more on there though once again it’s a fairly closed community.
      Indie x


    • Thanks Jo! I appreciate the feedback on both counts… I wish I had more artworks to share. I burnt a lot when mum and I moved into our smaller house together. (And now I have a whole separate studio space – go figure).
      Have a look at my Social Target Artwork 1. entry – I had some fun with lipstick today!

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  5. I read Tabitha’s remarks. Can only shake my head. But I understand where they are coming from being linked to facebook. Just wrong. I don’t think you want a photo of my nipple for your cause, but of course could offer something else, Indie.

    I enjoyed seeing the different styles of your artwork, especially the first one, top left.


    • Thanks on all counts Elliot! The artwork you mention was done as an undergrad piece and is one of my rare finished nudes. I have quite a few other works in which I’m wearing clothes of various sorts., mostly dating from my Honours and Masters work. My PhD was totally different – 3D textiles and installation. I’ve been hesitant in sharing much, as my work was/is known in Australia and it would rather unmask my identity… Still considering that one.


  6. What a fabulous post! #freethenipple indeed!
    I feel bad for making you feel angry but bloody delighted that you’re inspired to share your nipple art!
    It’s just so heart breaking to have your work feel like you are going to hell or something 😢
    Thank you SO much for this incredible post x x


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