Social Target Artwork 1.


As an artist I regard the photos I post as both Art and a contribution to positive aging and body positivity. (I’m 64 and waver between size 16 – 20).

This is the first post in a series of artworks which arises from a recent post by Tabitha Rayne entitled “Another One Bites The Dust”.  Tabitha documented the closure of an erotic artist Topaz Paul’s Instagram account… (To see some of Topaz’ work click on her Reconfigure website  her Tumblr site, here or her new defiant Instagram site here)
This was a post that I immediately reblogged in a state of high dudgeon.

Still irate I posted a series of images – drawings and photos as a collage on Sinful Sunday under the title of Steamed Up Sunday.

I noted at the time that Social Media’s hidebound and hypocritical attitudes offended me as a woman, an artist and a blogger. I also mentioned that about six weeks ago FB had instantaneously rejected a photo of mine which showed a nipple – on my Private FB account.

Update: Social Target Artwork 1. got through FB!

Interestingly my recent collage did not get deleted from FB…

So I determined to stage ongoing protests, starting this week with a series of individual images which I will use to test some boundaries…

There is also an “official” movement you may wish to contribute group images to: #freethenipple or check out the website Free the Nipple



6 thoughts on “Social Target Artwork 1.

    • Yeah I know how old you are that’s why I was twitting you about the “old man” stuff in your delightful MM entry this week…
      I should add I’m a pretty laid back pussy cat normally and I let a lot of things slide because they seem too difficult, But this was a three strikes hit (woman, artist, blogger) AND Topaz Pauls work is as you know is pretty damn fantastic. Stopping now can feel steam building again…


  1. AMAZING! I was overjoyed to see no, 2 in the series on Facebook and couldn’t believe my eyes when I clicked to this one. I’m thrilled that my post inspired you – Topaz is fantastic.
    I love these images! And they haven’t been deleted! Every minute a mini victory x x x

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    • Yes indeed! Thanks for introducing me to Topaz’ work, I love it! I think I’d want to do something very unpleasant to Instagram if I was her! Stay tuned for no. 3. I don’t know it’s naughty but I’m hoping I can string this out till December and Molly’s prompt ” Red”…


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