Music: TMI Tuesday

1. What was your favorite band in high school?
I can remember being delightfully shocked by the Rolling Stones ‘Satisfaction’. There was a lot of whisper whisper between the girls about the line we thought involved “dirty action”… (Does it???)
2. What is your favorite band now?
That’s tricky and entirely mood dependent. Most nights I play either my ‘Wild About That Thing’ playlist (dirty blues+) or ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’ playlist (nostalgia) on my iPad in bed. Links to these playlists (collected on Pinterest) can be found here
In the car, alone, going to my studio ditto but especially – Denise LaSalle “Lick It Before You Stick It“. Accompanying her with words and actions!
But I love belly dancing music, rock and even Artists like Missy Elliot, when I’m doing the housework. And I just bought the latest Steve Earle CD – so go figure…

3. What was your go to “make me feel better” food in high school? Icecream – still is.

4. What is your go to “make me feel better” food now? See above. Why? Cold, creamy, melts in your mouth…
Real food: Thai Chili Tofu with coconut rice and naan. Hot and healthy…

5. Fill in the blank:  That _____ was then; this _____ is now. Uni student red hair; Retired Uni lecturer grey hair.

Bonus: Where were you and what were you doing on November 21, 2016? Caring for my Mum.

4 thoughts on “Music: TMI Tuesday

  1. Copperhead Road!!! (And there’s a kinda-funny musician-crush uber-twang song called “Steve Earle” by the band Sugarland: Steve Earle, Steve Earle, Won’t you write a song for meeee…?) 🙂

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    • Must look it up! He does some lovely ballads too. I saw him on tv briefly the other night playing at a huge open air concert headlined by an Aussie storytelling singer Paul Kelly. Apparently they were touring together but I missed it!


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