On my radar this week #SoSS


AS you may be aware I worked up a good head of steam over social media’s censorship of nipples this week.

The catalyst for this was Tabitha Rayne’s post “Another One Bites the Dust“, which documented Instagram’s removal of artist Topaz Pauls’ site, citing that it did not conform to their guidelines.

What I did after seeing this post is already documented on my site, but suffice to say that I am now following Topaz Pauls’ website and sites on Twitter, Tumblr and a new one on Instagram under the main banner of Reconfigure.

In the process of being cranky I also followed #freethenipple on Twitter and on their website.

In preparation for this week’s #SoSS I then decided to do some googling to see what else was out there. First up I checked out Motherboard Vice.com’s post 11 Ways to Post Nipples on Instagram without getting Censored. This was mostly helpful although they mention “artworks” as being safe – I guess in light of what happened to Topaz’s site, what they really mean is drawings or paintings. There appears to be this weird class distinction still going on over photographs as art or as pornography and nipples are definitely at the forefront of this debate (pun accidental but I like it anyway). Which leads me to the following Instagram account: Genderless Nipples. Yep you read it correctly – Genderless Nipples… What it comes down to are closeups – ’cause fe/male nipples can’t be distinguished.
I’ve added this site to a number of others which focus on women’s body bits, including Molly’s Pussy Pride Project, on my blog page Sexual Health & Education.

I’ve posted a collage and several up close breast photo’s this week under the title Social Target Artwork, and to my surprise they got past FB’s censors, so I’m now wondering if the robot needs a) a figure with breasts and/or b) two breasts, to register. I don’t know for sure but I’m intrigued by this and also feel like I’m actually starting to develop some art works here, so I’ll keep the boobs and nipples coming in one form or another…

Finally it’s a hell of a way to find new people to follow but while I was checking out Topaz Paul’s site (I’ve barely looked at my Instagram account so haven’t bothered looking to see what is on there) I found another artist’s site to follow entitled Lovethyvulva (’nuff said)


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