Bedroom to Studio

This photo was taken recently along with others for my latest Ryan & Indie story/memory post Drowsy. I didn’t use it but I liked the image and converted it to black and white. I rather like the strong contrasts, and its enlightening to actually see my body from a different POV. **
Of course I have taken pics of me in other places like my wooden tub and in my studio, but in this pic I just wanted to emphasize the shapes my body makes in repose… Even I lose track of where these curves belong!

One of my favorite arts mediums is charcoal, so I decided to make a work based on this image. I’m not entirely sure its finished yet but here it is anyway.

And for a change I thought I’d included a photograph of me in action. Yes I do work in the nude – my studio is quite a warm space to work in!

**For an informative article on body positivity see here

The Body is Not An Apology link here
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Sinful Sunday

28 thoughts on “Bedroom to Studio

    • Thanks Malflic! It seems you appreciate it more than FB does, I’m in trouble again, after getting away with all those nipple pics this week too! I took some photos of some other non-erotic drawings I’ve been working on. I think I may be brave and post them sometime soon too. Indigo x


  1. This takes my breath away, it’s so lovely! Your confidence and your love of your body give me all the good, warm feelings and inspire me. I absolutely adore the drawing and the photo of you at your easel is stunning! So happy about this whole post!

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  2. I like the photo you are working from and your drawing is really beautiful, but I think my favourite image is the one of you at your easel: you look very calm and focused. x

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    • Thanks for the feedback. Yes I think I was, it was nice to be in the zone again. I’m hoping this means I am ready to start working consistently again, it’s been a loooong time. Indie x


    • Thanks Aurora! It was my main medium during my honours and masters years so I got lots of practice. I’m also a master at getting charcoal everywhere. I’m happy to pass on some tips if you’d like…
      Indie x


  3. What a joy it is to see these fabulous images Indie. The photo of you standing at your easel working on your wonderful charcoal drawing, touched something inside of me and to be honest has rather moved me. I think it is to do with the stand you are making against censorship and I think to myself why do you and other fine people have to suffer in this way. You look so natural, so free and so content. CP x

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    • Thanks CP. It’s been a long journey to get back to my easel. But more importantly a long journey to want to get back there. But I had a fine time at the Oasis recently art making, diy-ing and a bit of the other stuff too! I’ve just been going through a pile of works I did back when I was an up and coming artist. No nostalgia just an appreciative and appraising eye. Something is shifting at last and I am feeling freer!
      Indie xx


  4. Miss Indigo, i love the crop and the black and white filter on this photo. The light caresses your curves and the tightness of the focus turns your body into something wild and natural. I think of sand dunes when I see it. And the charcoal version is also stunning. More please.

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