Sweet Words


This is one of the few of the Ryan poems left, and I’ve held off publishing it because I couldn’t find the right context – and now I have. It was written quite early in our emerging relationship, when there was a definite tension between wanting and being afraid to want.
While my lovers have always inspired erotic writing and works of art I don’t think of  any of them as my Muse. Certainly the relationship between Ryan and myself became too mutual and complementary (however it may seem to those reading) for me to regard him as my muse, although we were definitely each others erotic inspiration!


I cannot
words for you.,


is a dark (!) goddess

”  ”

of pain, lust and

can NOT write… Sweet
‘words for you’

sometimes often I feel
m   o   v  ing
g              e            n            t         l            y
b       THE S U R F A C E
e      n         e      a     t     h







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14 thoughts on “Sweet Words

    • Ah found you! I had a dear friend who died back in the early 90’s – he introduced me to Cummings- the poem about Yes was read at his funeral. I always think of him when I read Cummings or eat lemon slice…


    • Hi MF, I’ll check for it when I’m able to access my computer. Spending time with a friend whose husband just passed away and she lives in a mountainous area where the reception is very dodgy. I will be back in the city Saturday. Regards Indie x


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