An Interest in Gloves NQ#SoSS

Hand in Glove

Hand in Glove. Not-Indigo. 2003.
Charcoal on Fontenay.

Lately I’ve been noticing posts by other people which address ideas, images and objects which resonate in some way with my own art works past and present. So I’ve decided to do occasional entries which acknowledge this. It’s a version of #SoSS, but with my own work and sometimes a bit of (art) history included…

I have a collection of vintage gloves (and handbags, and lingerie and dresses and shoes) gathered in the days when I was drawing full time. I began drawing these old things as a way of addressing my own aging. Consequently I value items that have a history written on their “skin”.
The charcoal images here are my works, but of course the artist is my alter Not-Indigo.

kidgloves (2)

bluefingerMore recently, as aspects of my kinkiness are making themselves known to me, I can’t help but observe the sexiness of these items, that are designed to conceal, reveal and suggest all manner of activities relating to their own purposes and that of the fingers inside them.

Yesterday I took some photographs of my gloves having a sexy little adventure of their own… And no, sadly they are not this colour in everyday life…

And the posts that started this piece of writing?

Two of my favorite bloggers who play with sex and creativity in varied but interesting ways:

Red Gloves by Cousin Pons at books1799. Posted on Masturbation Monday this week. I’ll never look at red gloves the same way again.

A Glove by Alex Severs on CakeorDeathsite. ‘Mr Cake’ has a severe case of “come up and see my etchings” this week with a post which features a set of glove related, sexually/psychologically charged works by German Symbolist artist Max Klinger. Reading the extensive comments is as engaging as trying to work out the thoughts behind the one word caption beside each image.

And a little while ago:

A little while ago sub-Bee featured an Anything Goes  guest post on her page and on Sinful Sunday 345. The guest post was by @swirlingfire and involved a sheer spangles costume accompanied by fur trimmed gloves – a fabulous image.

And since we are in the pre-Xmas silly season I went back in time to find a very cheeky Xmasy image of Molly Moore from December 7, 2014, sporting a red scarf and furry red gloves and not much else!














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  1. Lovely charcoal drawings of gloves by Not-Indigo. Thanks so much for mentioning me Indie. I do like to see a woman wearing leather gloves. Now days gloves tend only to come on in the winter but at one time ladies of a certain class wore them all the time I believe. I remember in Picnic.. the girls were told by Mrs Appleyard that because of the heat they could take off their gloves once the drag had passed through Woodend. CP xxx

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