bright cherry


Subtitled “who says 64 year olds’ can’t climb trees!” (even when the cat is meowing wild warnings at the base)

The birds have been having a party in my cherry trees this week. But with a mild spring and a few decent downpours, the cherries are prolific as I discovered this morning when I went outside to take this picture. Plenty for everyone.

So filter or no filter?

To see who else has been eating cherries this week, or found more #SinfulSunday ways to stain their lips click on the link below


Sinful Sunday


27 thoughts on “Cherries

  1. Gorgeous photo Indie. Those cherries look so ripe and tempting resting there on your wonderful bust. Which I might add looks equally tempting if not more so. I prefer the unfiltered version. CP xx

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  2. At the Oasis again this weekend no internet just phone will read and give feedback to all when I return. Going to bed early tonight v tired and I’ve hurt my wrist so I can’t utilise my usual sleeping “pill” – alas.


  3. Thanks Molly I appreciate the feedback. Did you see my glove entry this week I included a mention of a photo of yours wearing red gloves and not much else from a few xmases ago. X


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