Fallen Angel/Fiery Devil

A close family member who knows about my online activities recently told me she had a dream where I was possessed by the devil. Personally I prefer the idea of a fallen angel.

In case I don’t get a chance to post next week, Happy Xmas to all my fellow bloggers, fallen angels and fiery devils alike…


To see who else is being angelic or devilish this week click on the lips below

Sinful Sunday


36 thoughts on “Fallen Angel/Fiery Devil

  1. Heavenly photo Indie. You’re looking devilishly angelic. Not that I can see the expression on your face. Merry Christmas to you too, down under. And by that I mean Australia, not your nether regions! CP xxx

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  2. I’m not angel, and not yet fallen. But I’m certainly falling. We are all falling, indeed, toward a depth we can only imagine. And so (quoting from memory), “… let us pray that if we are falling from grace, dear God let us also fall with grace, to grace. If we are falling toward pain and weakness, let us also fall toward sweetness and strength. If we are falling toward death, let us also fall toward life”.
    I think you are accomplishing this (I’m, at least, also trying to) and I wish you success -Grace- to you as well as to me ! ❀

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  3. I forgot to say that my quotation above comes from a treasure of a book; one of the very best I have ever read: “Learning to Fall” by Philip Simmons. Writing my comment, these words came to my mind and I thought they fitted the spirit of your blog.

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