Some Extra Love #SoSS

I missed last Saturday, so this is a #SoSS (omeotherday) entry.IMG_0447

Blogging is fun, but most of us have had struggles and issues and some of us are facing Xmas without those we love by our side. I wanted to send some extra love to all those people out there that I am aware of who are doing it tough this year, through illness, loss, separation, financial hardship and  uncertainties about the future, but are still blogging because or despite this. In my reader and on various memes I contribute to, as well as on Twitter recently these entries stood out for me.

Li Fontrodona Blurred Photographs in a Dusty Home. Li is sharing some evocative photos which somehow were saved from her trash can, along with some introspection on her ongoing predicaments as she goes through transition.


Ifsexmatters May More. May writes about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in her Masturbation Monday post this week, discussing how it plays out in her own (sex) life and the life of her daughter. I feel for her, as I sit inside away from the too-bright sunshine, in six months time I’ll probably be manifesting my own yearly symptoms. I’m sure it’s worse for all my northern hemisphere friends.May has also provided some helpful remedies as well.

Rebel’s Year in Review Rebel’s post made me cry, and wimp out on completing reading her post to the end. The section on ‘Life’s Curved Balls” paralleled my own experiences with Mum earlier this year. It brought back the trauma of Mum’s tests and the diagnosis – or lack of it. I knew Rebel’s Mum had subsequently passed from an exchange we’d had on Twitter earlier this year. So I imagine that this Xmas, the first without her Mum, will be hard, just as mine will be. But I hope both our Mum’s would be proud of their daughters, ’cause we are both hanging in their, despite our losses. A super big hug to Rebel (if permitted) on Xmas day especially…

Michael Samadhi of JoyofKink  and Michael’sWay now has the flu after recovering from sinisitus and bronchitis recently. I hope Michael gets better -properly this time, soon.

A big shout out to Ducky Doolittle on Twitter @duckydoolittle and on her blog OhILIkeThis Ducky has been battling and blogging about her cancer. The good news today was she got to take her dog for a walk! This woman has guts in spades!
Happy Xmas Ducky, and well done to your supportive hubby too!

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  1. Thanks for my mention, really appreciate it and all the comments you find time to make – I really try not to whine about how I am feeling on my blog but in the UK SAD is an issue that many people have but don’t know it. Will go off and tweet your post now. – and send Micael some good wishes xx

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    • I feel like I’m slipping behind with my comments a bit. I imagine SAD is fairly rampant in the UK. And no wonder the Russians are stereotyped as a melancholy people…
      Michael is really copping it – I actually don’t think he’s a well man over all. xx


  2. Thanks a lot for your recommendation and your support, Indie ❤ ✨. I do really appreciate this portion of extra love you send, and will keep it cosily in my heart. Take my big hug and my kisses, and my very best wishes !

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  3. The flu is mostly sorted, thank you! I’ve got some lingering chest congestion, kind of concerning, but I do have COPD, so my lungs have always been my “Achilles heel”. I hope your holidays are filled with joy and love…

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