MidnightattheOasis 2017 (1)

Highs & Lows: Countdown to 100 posts, 6 months blogging and a New Year

This is a relatively brief summary of the highlight’s of the last six months blogging. I hope you find some new links to explore, and gain some further insights into my recent work. I have a follow up post coming shortly which lists blog posts by category.


  • Mum’s health started to deteriorate rapidly – her lung collapsed Boxing Day, after 3 years of comparative wellness.


  • Mum passed away
  • The “Zucchini incident” (see details below) – this kickstarted my libido again after 3+ years – and by default, this blog.


  • Bought my first clitoral vibrator and Tulip vibe. Later documented on July 10th post
    Taking My Babes to Toyland (This was the beginning of “the road to ruin” and limited storage space in my bedroom!)


  •  7th – Started organising blog on WordPress switching between this and Blogger for technical/aesthetic reasons.


  • 7th – First published blog post on Midnight atthe Oasis. In the beginning was the Zucchini
  • This initial post was followed by four other non-fiction posts which talked about issues that mattered to me. (See list of non-fiction posts below)


  • No posts. Continued setting up blog, including pages and also links to Facebook and Pinterest; started part-time work and went overseas.


  • 4th  – First #SinfulSunday [hereafter SS] post no. 334. Blue.  I posted an image of my nightstand, with various blue items such as my condom bowl, and the headphones I wear – not for standard sensory play, but to get into my “Dirty Grrl” music while I’m using my toys.
  • 7th – First post Twitter:I’ve been collecting images of bodies. Scarred, aging, sick & dying bodies, sexy bodies. My body fits most of those categories at the moment
  • 10th – First erotic poetry – created about Ryan and Indie in 1990, posted.
  • 24th – Visit to OZKink for the first time ever wanting to know more about kink. I felt Overdressed but you didn’t seem to mind. (106)


  • 1st – Joined Victoria Blisse’s month-long Smutober Challenge [SM]. First post: Unspoken words – a poem about my feelings for my soon to be lover, Ryan, written over 25 years ago. Smutober really made me pick up the pace.
  • 1st – Posted Fluid on my pillow (book) (112) on SS. no. 338
  • 4th – My first and only “official” Sex Toy review Tiptoeing with a Tulip. I adore this toy!
  • 12th  & 13th – Posted two pieces of erotic writing about my encounter with John Oh a male escort I spent a few hours with in Sydney in August. Hotel (1)  (229) and Hotel (2) (178)
  • 17th First Masturbation Monday [MM] post A Day of Frustration?
  • 20th – My second Wicked Wednesday [WW] post, but my first piece of ‘F(r)iction’ Eavesdropping after midnight.
  • 22nd – Mermaids Tale earned me a mention in #sinfulsunday 341 roundup. I was stoked.
  • 23rd – One of my stories about Ryan and I – Cold Water, made the top 3 on #wickedwednesday 283. It was a great week!!!
  • 30th – My photo Very Sinful Sunday  was popular  with 139 views.
  • My stats had boomed, reflecting my intense activity and the hard work of my fellow bloggers on Twitter. 1.7k


  • A politically active month, with shameful events on Manus Island providing an temporary halt to my blogging while I became active on Twitter. Things were hotting up in the Twitterverse and on Facebook, with #shadowbans on one and nipple bans on the other.
  • 10th – The first wave of #SoSS posts started, and I was in the thick of it.
  • 19th – I posted a collage of my nipples – photographic and in artworks on my post Steamed up Sunday (119). I wrote this post in response to one posted earlier that day by Tabitha Rayne where she lamented and fulminated about the peremptory removal by Tumblr of a blog developed over many years by artist Topaz Pauls, in yet another internet censorship crackdown on sex bloggers, nudity etc.
  • 20th, 21st, 22nd (twice) & 25th – Still infuriated by the internet censors I deliberately posted photographic artworks of my nipples adorned with red targets to Facebook for the rest of the week. Facebook had already removed an earlier photo of mine, but I hadn’t been overly worked up about it at the time, I simply hadn’t realised it was a no-no. The Social Target series passed the censor, but I was caught in a moment of absent mindedness on November 25th when I posted some of my artworks and a photo of me nude working in the studio.
    F.U. Facebook! DonGo back to your knitting and cupcake recipes, this 64 year old has more interesting things to spend her time on.
  • 22nd – First TMI Tuesday post.


  • 4th, 6th, 12th, 14th – Xmas Cake Series. Stats show ‘Ryan’ as the most popular tag.
  • 7th – Six months blogging benchmark.
  • 16th – Xmas Cake (4) nominated for Wicked Wednesday prompt Neighbours, selected by May More.
  • 17th – 100 blogs posted along with another Ryan story – The Leather Phallus (1).





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  1. Love your blog Indie- well done on making it through what sounds like a tough year and doing so well on your blog. I’m off to read about the zucchini incident haha sounds intriguing!

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