In my reader this week #SoSS

powerofsexI was having a break, coffee  in hand, checking out the latest posts and wondering who I could nominate for #SoSS this week when I spotted the following posts:

Good thing I was already in a semi-reclining position.

Livvy Libertine Marathon posted on #WickedWednesday. These running buddies are seriously hot.
I twitched. More than once.

DoKurtybitz poem 17-12-17 23:53 Mmm fingers, tongues


Sexy Images

Bleak Midwinter  Exposing 40 and Exhibit A Very hunky and probably cold… posted on #SinfulSunday

A Gift For You and a Gift For Me Happy-Come-lucky Beautiful bottom and bows, great story


And in the realm of exciting things done to and to do…

Mrs Fever Extremities

Mutual Masturbation Oh Joy Sex Toy