Indie’s Journey 2017 Live Index 1

MVC-025FBack in November I posted a blog entitled Don’t Think Twice in which I discussed my individual and artistic allegiance  to the idea that “the personal is the political”. As a result of that post several people commented in various ways, on the value of getting to know me a bit better. This surprised me, as I thought I’d been doing just that all along.

Then I considered that this response was because people don’t seem overly interested in my pages – which contain lots of content about my life, concerns and delights. However, I have also become aware, as I prepared the first part of this years summary was just how much of this territory is also covered in my posts, and not just the initial ones before I started posting erotica, but throughout the entirety of this first six months.
So here they are with a hint of the content in brackets, favorites in pink.

  • Below the section “Indies Journey So Far ” are (some) annotated links which refer to material I classify as “Protests, Politics and Reposts”.
  • The Index to my Erotic Fiction – which I now refer to as F(r)iction will be in the next post.

Indie’s Journey So Far

July 7. In the beginning was the Zucchini (The Orgasm that started this blog)

July 10. Taking My Babes to Toyland (Buying toys for the first time in 40 years)

July 22. Her Name is Aphrodite (Mum, Art and my creative impulse)

July 26. On Desire (like it says – this was a definite low)

September 2. First Times/Last Times (On relationships)

September 7. The Body Beautiful (musings on bodies, body positivity and on Art)

September 14. Foreigner (moments in time when I felt foreign to my body, my relationships or sex)

September 18. The Ultimate Intimacy – Caring for someone After Their Death (like it says, but its more than that)

September 19. Mourning on Display (Why I wear the colour Indigo, and the importance of mourning clothes)

September 24. Overdressed (My first visit to OzKink)

September 27. This Tattoo I Can Never Erase (on marital status and finances)

October 7. Club (a brief frivolous look at the felines in my life and their fur shedding habits)

October 10. Not Another Piece of Erotic Writing (Loneliness and connection – a favorite post of mine).

October 12 & 13.  Hotel (1) & Hotel (2) (My encounter with a male escort, and subsequent birthday celebration – very popular posts).

October 19. Spectator Sport (musings on my arts and teaching practice and my relationship with sport)

October 29. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous (a roundup of events in my personal and blogging life, including the weird resolution to the situation in This Tattoo I Can Never Erase)

October 30. Advanced Care Planning – Sex (an important blog for all of us if we went our sex drives to be acknowledged and catered to in later life)

November 18. Sexpo Visit 2017

Nov 19. Steamed Up Sunday (Social Media censorship)

November 22. Don’t Think Twice (Art, politics, media censorship)

November 22. TMI Tuesday (questions about music etc)

November 26. Bedroom to Studio (my work as an artist)

December 3. Indigo Turns Red (a visual peek into a corner of my studio /cottage The Oasis)

December 15. Spitting, Sex and Gadjo Dilo (my thoughts on all of these matters).


Protest, Politics and Reposts

If you haven’t realised it yet I’m a political creature, sometimes via direct protest, sometimes via my art or my writing, and sometimes via the issues I repost.  Feminism, Environmental politics and Social Justice underpins a lot of what I try to do and I have been known to take to the streets on occasion. There’s been a lot going on in my home country Australia lately that has seen me active on Social Media on the issue of Marriage Equality Australia 2017 (post 11 Sept.) and the shameful treatment of refugees on Manus Island (post 4 Nov.) as well as taking part in the #SoSS campaign regularly (see below) and in my art – see posts above for examples: Don’t Think Twice (19 November) and Spectator Sport (10 October). The artwork, in Spectator Sport (below left), in case you are interested, is one of a series I’m doing of sheep in pens – a protest about Australia’s treatment of refugees.


A lot of my art in the past has been around Body Positivity, and related to Women’s Aging, especially menopause. Advocating for awareness and acceptance of aging women’s sexuality was an important reason for starting the blog, and it remains important.  I also became very angry about Facebook’s attitude toward nudity – nipples in particular and was incensed when I read Tabitha Rayne’s Reblogged post from Nov 19 (see below). This led to my follow on post also on
Nov 19 Steamed Up Sunday (see above) and a series of photographs of my breasts/nipples with a target drawn on them in lipstick:
Nov 20 Social Target 1
Nov 21 Social Target 2
Nov 22 Social Target 3
Nov 22 Don’t Think Twice.

I have also included material on Death, including  Death Positivity in my blog posts and reposts (below) I follow Death and The Maiden blog and find the variety of good articles often challenging and well worth considering. There are further Death Positivity links on my Persephone Pages. These pages, and at least one repost also features links to issues around Environmental Burials. Our current burial practices are not good for the environment.

#SoSSaturday / #SoSSomeotherday /NQ#SoSS & Variations Thereof!

Sept 14 On Care, Attention and Sexy Small Businesses
Nov 10 Sharing our (Fabulous) Shit Saturday
Nov 18 In my Reader This Week
Nov 25 #SoSS On my Radar This Week
Dec 2 In my Reader This Week
Dec 8 N(ot) Q(uite) #SoSS – An Interest in Gloves
Dec 13 #SoSS In my Reader Last Week
Dec 18 #Some Extra Love
Dec 23 In my Reader This Week

ReBlogged Posts

Nov 28 Murder Ballads, Gender and Who Deserves to Die Sam Wall, on Death and The Maiden blog. 27 November, 2017. I’ve long been interested in folk music. Folk music like fairy tales has more than a share of gruesome topics, and in this post Sam Wall explores the content of murder ballads, finding correlations (amongst other things) between the attitudes toward the perpetrator and the victim along gender lines.

Nov 25 Archaeology, Death Positivity and Public Engagement. Robyn Lacy on Death & The Maiden blog. 24 November, 2017. Another intriguing post from the Death & The Maiden Collective, concerning Robyn’s dig in Canada, and her interest in burial landscapes.

Nov 22 Olympia Press: A Brief History of DBs Alex Severs on cakeordeathsite. 21 November, 2017. Alex writes on the life/times of groundbreaking/notorious publisher Maurice Girodias who published books that no-one else would, and was imprisoned for publishing The Story of O. A fascinating read!

Nov 19 Another One Bites the Dust – Tabitha Rayne on 18 November, 2017.  Tabitha’s fury at Social Media censorship especially as it related to Artist Topaz Pauls.

Nov 1    Questions and Answers With Anna Di Mezza Alex Severs on cakeordeathsite 23 July, 2017. An interview with Australian Artist Anna Di Mezza.

Oct 20 Darker In The Sun Krista Amira Calvo on Death and the Maiden blog. 18 October, 2017. About the lives and deaths of South American immigrant workers en route to the USA.

Oct 16 Louvre Pulls Sculpture – Saying it was Sexually Explicit New York Times. Michael Samadhi on Michael Samadhi’s Stuff. 15 October, 2017. Like it says.

Oct 12. Support “A Curious History of Sex” by Kate Lister Tabitha Rayne on Tabitha 11 October 2017. Detailing aspects of Kate Lister’s life, work and new book.

Oct 9. A Woman Uses Art to Come to Terms With Her Father’s Death Meredith Rizzo for originally posted 5 April 2015. Repost from dyinganddeathtalk 10 Feb 2017. Like it says.

Sept 27 Ashes to Ashes, Dust to… Interactive Biodegradable Funerary Urns Glenn McDonald. 13 August, 2017 on NPR All Tech Considered. Repost from: dyingand deathtalk Looking at an alternative greener burial practice.


Mostly older movies I think are worth a revisit. Reviews are often within a broader context.

15 Dec Spitting, Sex and Gadjo Dilo (film)

7 Nov. The Little Death (film)

17 Oct. Harold & Maude (film)

20 Oct OMGlass dildo (Sex toy arrival – haven’t done the actual review yet)

11 Oct Questions About the Tulip Answered (Follow up post to questions posed to Downunder toy’s manufacturers)

4 Oct Tiptoeing With a Tulip – (Sex Toy Review )