MidnightattheOasis2017 Index (2)


These are the indexes to erotic images and erotic writings I have contributed to from September until December 2017. For non-fiction writing July – December 2017 see Indies Journey Index 1, and for a summary of events in 2017 see Midnightattheoasis2017 (1).

Thanks to Molly Moore host of @sinfulsunday @kinkoftheweek and lots more, Kayla Lords host of @masturbationmonday, Marie A Rebelle @rebelsnotes, host of Wicked Wednesday,  Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse host of Smutober and to Exhibit A  @EA_unadorned for making me welcome to their wonderful memes and challenges.

Photos drawings and vids

Legend: Sinful Sunday (SS), Masturbation Monday (MM), Wicked Wednesday (WW), Kinkoftheweek (KW), Smutober (SMO)


17 Dec. Fallen Angel/Fiery Devil (SS) A pre-Xmas special. Mentioned by Molly in Trolling the Net #43

10 Dec. Cherries (SS) Cherries on the tree, cherries on me.

10 Dec. Cherries (SS) Cherries on the tree, cherries on me.

3 Dec. Indigo Turns Red (SS) A kinky corner of The Oasis

26 Nov. Bedroom to Studio (SS) An arty part of The Oasis

13 Nov. Private Dancer (2) (MM) A vid made from photos of me doing some moves

12 Nov. Private Dancer (1) (SS) A drawing of a nude belly dancer on the floor

5. Nov. Dirty Feet (SS) Title should be dirty coloured feet…

30 Oct. Very Sinful Sunday   (SS) how much did the neighbour see?

23 Oct. A Window Into Times Past (MM) Pensive nude on the couch

22. Oct. Mermaids Tale (SS) (SM) My favorite image and very popular!

20 Oct. Oh My Hat (SMO) (first FB takedown) Very silly images

19. Oct. Spectator Sport (SMO) In the studio

16 Oct Retro Shower (SMO) In my wooden tub

15 Oct. Circus (SS) More blue tutu related to Ties to a Tutu

15 Oct. Botanica (Point) (SM) Shadows on my body

11 Oct. Birthday Tub (SM) in my wooden tub again

10. Oct. My Ties to a Tutu (SM) Blue tutu related to Circus

9 Oct. To Make an Omelette (SM) Pure nonsense

7 Oct. Club  (SMO) Indie in a bra with a friend

8 Oct. Botanica More Spikes (SS) shadows on my body

5 Oct. Botanica – Leaves & Spikes  (SMO) shadows on my body

4 Oct. Fairs Fair – Sugar (SMO) Really a story so it gets into both lists.

1 Oct. Fluid on my Pillow (book) (SS) My love affair with shunga and wooden tubs

24 Sept. Overdressed (SS) Very popular post

21 Sept. Eavesdropping After Midnight (WW) (technically a story but I love this glass dildo pic, so it’s in both categories.)

10 Sept Even the Moon Has Scars (SS) my second favorite

4 Sept Sinful Sunday – Blue (SS) In the beginning I showed you my nightstand.


F(r)iction – where sexual imagination rubs up against memory

Erotic Poems for Ryan

28 Nov. Sweet Words (- after ee cummings) (WW)

16 Nov. Geography of an Emerging Relationship (WW)

31 Oct.Such Pleasure  (MM)

15 Oct. Waking in the Night  (SM)

10 Oct. Drift (MM)

3 Oct. Celtic Colouring (SM)

1. Oct. Love – after ee cummings (SM)

10. Sept. Original Erotic Poems


Ryan stories

17 Dec The Leather Phallus (1) (MM) Mentioned by Rebel in her #SoSS#8

14 Dec. Xmas Cake (4) (WW) May Moore top pick
12 Dec. Xmas cake (3) (MM)
6 Dec Xmas Cake (2) (WW)
4 Dec. Xmas cake (MM)

20 Nov. Drowsy (MM)

6 Nov. Night Swimming  (MM) (WW)

4 Nov. What It Is  (Exhibit A’s Lyrics Prompt)

3 Nov. House Rules (KW)

23 Oct. Cold Water (WW)

21 Oct. Spicy (SMO)

17 Oct. A Day of Frustration? (MM) (SMO) (WW)


John Oh

13. Oct. Hotel 2  (SMO)

12. Oct. Hotel 1 (SMO)

Sprints (These are one off short stories rather than the marathon that is Ryan)

19 Dec. When a Mid-Winter Sprint Became a Marathon (WW), (KW)

27 Nov. Cypress Stories (MM)

4 Oct. Fairs Fair – Sugar (SMO) Really a story so it gets into both lists.

21 Sept. Eavesdropping After Midnight (WW)