Stars at Midday


I bought these blue stars at Sexpo, and some new blue sandals when I was supposedly shopping for other peoples presents yesterday. I’m sure you can see a few other sparkly items too but they’ve been around for a while.
After just seeing Rebel’s fabulous Xmas spread on @masturbationmonday I feel comparatively dull, but I hope you enjoy the pics anyway.


Stay safe, I hope you have a lovely break if you are having one; hugs if permitted, especially to those of you who are feeling you really need one.

Meanwhile given how popular my punk Marathon entry has been and given how weary I am of all the traditional carols here’s a couple of alternative pieces of crazy Xmas discordance from The Ramones and The Sex Pistols!

Sinful Sunday



26 thoughts on “Stars at Midday

  1. Thanks CP much appreciated! Xmas luch with family is done and dusted – very pleasant. Off to the Oasis with the grandkids and a menageries of animals tomorrow – no hope of sexy business, but will be fun anyway! I hope you have a wonderful Xmas as well. xxx

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