Stars at Midday


I bought these blue stars at Sexpo, and some new blue sandals when I was supposedly shopping for other peoples presents yesterday. I’m sure you can see a few other sparkly items too but they’ve been around for a while.
After just seeing Rebel’s fabulous Xmas spread on @masturbationmonday I feel comparatively dull, but I hope you enjoy the pics anyway.


Stay safe, I hope you have a lovely break if you are having one; hugs if permitted, especially to those of you who are feeling you really need one.

Meanwhile given how popular my punk Marathon entry has been and given how weary I am of all the traditional carols here’s a couple of alternative pieces of crazy Xmas discordance from The Ramones and The Sex Pistols!

Sinful Sunday



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    • Thanks CP much appreciated! Xmas luch with family is done and dusted – very pleasant. Off to the Oasis with the grandkids and a menageries of animals tomorrow – no hope of sexy business, but will be fun anyway! I hope you have a wonderful Xmas as well. xxx

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