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I took this image a couple of months ago, at the same time I did the Dirty Feet entry. After browsing through various nominations in entries on Wicked Wednesday’s BlogPost last week a couple of bloggers (a big shout out to Rebel at RebelsNotes and to Exposing40) mentioned a post from earlier this year by Molly Moore, entitled In the Navel.

Reading In the Navel (and the associated comments) for the first time, touched several chords in me. After I’d posted a reply to Molly, I went scrambling through my photos for a picture of my own belly. The one I wanted – which clearly showed the site of my former belly piercing  (sadly lost to infection) had vanished in a recent picture tidy up, so I decided to share this picture in it’s stead.
The  light comes from some coloured glass bottles on my kitchen windowsill. I love the way it makes a wonky heart shape on my thighs.

Like many other bloggers I have a wonky relationship with my scarred body (there’s a scar under my belly overhang, the large one visible from the navel down, the lumpy one under my left breast, and a couple of small scars around my navel – including a tubal ligation and a tiny scar from my failed piercing).

All the big ones were life saving, so I mostly have made my peace with them, but I was sad that my dream of sexy navel jewelry to enhance my belly dancing belly was lost. This has made me wary of undertaking other piercings, yet I do gaze with envy and fascination at Rebels collection of genital piercings – this was something Ryan and I talked about at one stage (and I’d forgotten about until now – thanks people!)

I’d like to dedicate this post to all of us (regardless of gender) who struggle on a regular basis with the look and feel of our bodies and who espouse the importance of body positivity along with the lovely folk who also provide love, encouragement and occasional correction when we are struggling.

To see who else has wonky body parts and whose being supportive on this last post for 2017 click on the lips (and you won’t be in Kansas any more…)

Sinful Sunday

Happy New Year lovely people!

31 thoughts on “Wonky Heart Light

    • Thanks for the feedback LSB. The creation of the heart wasn’t intentional, but I moved around the kitchen in the nude for some time to try and land the light on interesting parts (courting neighbourly palpitations and cold bits while doing so). One of the things I love about Sinful Sunday is that it’s made me aware again of potentially artistic spaces and moments in my world, even as I struggle to capture them with my limited photography skills and flexibility.
      I yearn for a skilled “partner in crime” again, such as you clearly have, judging by the lovely pic of you this week. Alas my favorite naughty photographer is caught up with study and children, and it’s impossible to get her behind a lens at the moment.

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      • I get that ❤ I was lucky to grab him over Christmas between his work and study.

        I agree with all that – I esp love light. I love how you managed to capture it ❤ I love how shadows, lights just appear ❤

        I am looking forward to spring with the hopes I may venture out and do some outdoor photography 🙂

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        • Great idea. I have hopes of doing the same, but am lacking a location at the moment. I had hoped to get out in the back yard even, but after my encounter with the neighbour I don’t want to push it.
          Maybe I will head down the coast, the weather is reasonably mild just now

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  1. Such a nice and thoughtful post. I love my genital piercings, They have become so much a part of mine. And yes, just like many others out there I have a love-hate relationship with the scar on my tummy. But, I have mostly accepted it.

    Happy New Year to you, Indie!

    Rebel xox

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    • Thanks for the feedback – my blog likes you now – lol. I just posted something in which you were mentioned – but I forgot to include the UK on the end of your name. I hope it shows up for you since I fixed it. Indie


  2. Its post like this which are so important, due to the positively displayed by many members of Sinful Sunday I don’t loathe the wobbly bits as much, strange isn’t it what we hate about ourselves others love. Thank you

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  3. I am delighted to have inspired this post. I think this is a common struggle for many people because we are constantly bombarded with pictures of both men and woman who have ‘perfect’ bodies and as we age we look less and less like those images and that can be really tough.

    I am sorry your tummy piercing didn’t end well but maybe you have other piercings in your future. I know I have thought about getting a nipple done too


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  4. A wonderful post that resonates with me too. I may not have the physical scars, but it doesn’t mean that I can love my own body in the way that maybe I wish I could. A beautiful image, I love the way the light shines on you.

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    • Thank you MPB! I really appreciate the feedback. Ans loving ones body id always a work in progress I find. The lovely folk at SS are also very supportive and I appreciate that so much – it does make a difference when you are on your own to have people give you positive feedback! xx


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