#SOSS The men in my life

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I confess I was initially lured into Sinful Sunday by the enticement of the word “Blue” (wk 334). Like a naive protagonist in a fractured fairy tale,  I strayed, along with my favorite sexy blue headphones, into a surreal forest of erotic blue images: striped legs, blue glass butt plugs, an intense and unnerving portrait, a nude against a gloriously blue sky. And a man, a silhouetted stranger, cock in hand in blue tinged room. Writing about the freedom he was experiencing now his family had left the house. Further along a man with a  – bat? saying follow me. Another man with abundant body hair almost wearing a blue towel, and finally a man wearing an electronic? helmet and little else

Signs and wonders.
I had to continue.

Since that day I’ve begun to put names and personalities, kinks and companions to some of you lovely male participants in this delicious (on-line) game we play. And I’ve encountered other men as well, in various states of undress and kinkiness. Words and images have been exchanged, both here and on the other pages I now participate in. We may never meet in the flesh but I’m so happy to meet you here in cyberspace.

Why? Partly because you are bold and engaging and forthright and sexy, and sometimes, quite lovely. And partly because all the deeply significant men in my life have departed from my life in one way or another.

My much loved father (yes, I am a Daddy’s girl – at least in the vanilla sense); my only brother, two very dear friends have gone the way of all things. There are a handful of other men still in my life with whom I share a bond of kinship – cousins and one dear elderly uncle, but they are located some distance away, and our correspondence is limited (although one cousin is aware of my on-line life). Other than that there are the husbands of friends, work colleagues, neighbours and John Oh with whom I shared a memorable experience of physical intimacy and with whom I continue to share Twitter contact.

Unfortunately most of those men with whom I shared a sexual intimacy throughout the 49 years I’ve been sexually active, are leading lives about which I know little but for the occasional gossip or hearsay: including Ryan. This is mostly not through ill will, we have somehow lost contact due to life circumstances. Ironically the former partner I see the most of is my first husband, father of my only child, grandfather of the children to whom I am grandmother – the man I never wanted to see again. I had Xmas lunch with him and the male member of the family I spend  time the most time with – my son-in-law, with whom I share a love of science and Dr Who and of my daughter and grandsons.

I’ve learned quite a bit about male sexuality – kinky and otherwise in the time I’ve been blogging. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t always take notice or inquire about how life in general and sexuality in particular played out for the men in my life – probably to the detriment of both parties. Reading what the bloggers in my life say about sex, relationships and their partners really makes me wish I could have been more engaged, at least in some instances.

So, I just want to dedicate this #SoSS post to the men I used to know and love and you lovely blogging blokes whom I may never meet, but do appreciate. Thanks for sharing aspects of your lives, images of your bodies, your interactions with the women in your lives, your thoughts on a whole range of issues, and your fabulous writing. I wish you all the very best for 2018 and beyond!

Here’s a list of my favourite posts and blogs, done by the sex blogging men in my life, garnered from material published this year.

  • I first encountered Michael Samadhi then of Michael’s Way, now of Joy of Kink in a Sinful Sunday blog post back in September, and commented on the photo edits he did at the time. Michael and I played tag team through at least half of the #Smutober posts this year, and have followed each other on various social media outlets since. I was fascinated to read his take on the artist Jean-Leon Gérôme and of aspects of kink in general. I rather regret the loss of his incisive mind and talents to mainstream democratic politics, but admire his dedication to the kink lifestyle. He’s been unwell a fair bit lately and I hope the New Year is kinder to him and Sinnjara and their household.
  • Cousin Pons of Books 1799 was my second blog follower and I regard him as an on-line mate. We share a passion for history, art and sexy writing. I’ve watched his writing gather confidence since he began participating and I always look out for his work. CP’s writing is not only hot but quite versatile – the difference between say The Rump-fed Ronyon and Some Motels Have Thin Walls is striking. This Sinful Sunday I got to admire his lovely “socks” for the first time!
  • When I came across The Art Model, by Elliot of Life of Elliot, I was rather intrigued, and sent him a waffly comment about my own arts modelling experience. I also noted that he indicated that he would be willing to pose for Modesty at Eroticon – so Modesty I hope you hold him to it if he goes!
  • I do like posts which are somewhat left field and this contribution to Masturbation Monday in early December, tickled my brain and my fancy. (No – not that fancy.)
    In the concluding sentence of his delightful conundrum: “Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience…” The Zen Nudist “present(s) to you…
    Schrödinger’s Wanker…”
  • Speaking of  The Zen Nudist – I’m also a sucker for a hot bloke in a suit, or half in it or… So I have to mention his alter Kilted Wookie.
  • I’ve also enjoyed the images and stories posted by Exhibit A too, the recent one taken by Exposing40 is very hot even though its a Winter post – thanks to both of you! I appreciated the song lyric competition EA organised in November too!
  • The excellent thing about spending all day writing this post is that I’ve had to search for the entries I really appreciated at the time – because I wasn’t organised.  And in the process I’ve also encountered posts I’ve somehow not seen before. Like this one from Malflic: Art vs the Erotic = Balancing Photography and a Rope Scene. I truly appreciate the dilemma!
  • I also like that Malflic blogs about male matters and that he runs the Penis Project.
  • Jerusalem Jaime Mortimer has been writing about swans, women and sex for the last little while. I’m loving it and the quirky imaginative pics that go with it. I was especially appreciative when he quoted the Yeats poem Leda and the Swan. I first encountered this at Uni and loved it then and now.
  • While his images and writings often make me wince Pain as Pleasure is always interesting and his relationships with Mistress Elita and with Lilly Watson are fascinating. I love the tenderness and longing in his relationship with Lilly.
  • There are also a couple of “men of few words” whose work I appreciate as well:
    Dokurtybitz for poetry. I’ve commented on his work before, but couldn’t find the relevant one. But this one 09.10.17_23:59 spoke to me in light of my own pleasures.
  • Pete Symes of  Days and Symes for his short sexy prose.
  • I always appreciate comments and interaction. When John Brownstone of Southern Sirs Place first commented on my post Drowsy I felt like one of the Gods had descended from on high! I also appreciate the feedback given to me by Silverhubby @Silverdomuk, either on my blog or on Twitter. I enjoy the posts on Silverdrop’s Toy Box on pegging.
  • Finally I can’t help but appreciate that fabulous pic of Adam Godemiche which is the prompt for #MasturbationMonday this week. While I don’t get to see pics like this too often, there’s a not so little part of Adam that keeps me company on a very regular basis, so I have to include him on the list!Stay safe and Happy New Year to all our lovely sex bloggers!


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  1. excellent idea – I have done one on the men too and it really makes you realise how many great bloggers are male. I have a soft spot for Pete Symes as he made the first proper comment on my site 😉

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  2. I was just telling Mr.D that I felt the male bloggers I follow often handle confessional writing better than some women. I think it goes to show that the stereotype of men being less in touch with their emotions and less interested in emotional exploration is false. I appreciate these looks into the male psyche. Great list! I haven’t read all of these guys, so I will have to check them out.

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    • I agree there’s a lot to learn about how men think and feel from our male writers. Sometimes its confronting how little I know and understand. Thanks for reading Brigit!


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