Plate Spinning

a poem in the footsteps of ee cummings…

spin (3)

“Are you familiar with the circus art of plate spinning?”



one plate is set

in trembling motion

a gyroscopic effect, a practiced skill

suctioning delicately

about a fine, brilliant



a second plate

comes rippling into play.

a larger, patient orbit. Turning

in a lazy gyre, flexing its

muscular might.




                                                     The two begin

                                                                            to rOIl in counterpoint.

Light touches increase the spin

harmony is achieved, maintained,

the actions needed to prolong

their synchronized dance





constant vigilance

is needed (!!!) lest one predominate;

one burn out too soon

lest one begin



The “consummate trick”

is to introduce…….

a third.



This requires some

                         dexterity, a liquid sideways motion

eased cautiously into




Once the

third plate is mobile

the performer must remain alert (!)

move surely bet(W)een each plate

adjusting the spin, maintaining the balance

keeping the tension alive; and,

all the while the plates

spin faster.


The third plate

(it is always the third) now sets the pace.

Becomes a bblur of thick and burning spppeeeeed

         d   r   ag      gin   g

the other plates into its fiery orbit.

D r      aw        ing     out the intensity, smearing,     spr    ea   din g  ,



exploding the                                     cus  oh!
cus !

oh!               o

                                                                                            sK eWinG

the balance.







in                            direct





p p l i n     g

                              crashing to the earth

s      mashed into an ecst OH! acy of a  th OH!  u  san  d f    ra      g    ment OH!   s.


This is what masturbation (which includes anal sex), with my toys** is like, for me.”




Two for the price of one – On the matter of gadgetry

Of course I’m showing my age referring to circus skills. Perhaps I should have used that latest gadget – a Fidget Spinner as my reference. But I not one to adopt gadgets readily (although I love my iPhone). Of course you could say that many of my favorite sex toys are gadgets, but that’s different isn’t it?

**I think the world would end if my trusty Womaniser Pro 40 died. And I’d be pretty devastated if my @DownunderToys Tulip stopped functioning – although they do have replacement battery pack gadgets for the vibration. Luckily my favorite glass dildo and my Godemiche Adam aren’t electronic! (I’ve provided the link here to the company’s anal pages because of the topic – I’m not yet brave enough to try anal with Adam!)

I have tried some toy based electronic gadgetry, in the form of Imtoy’s Giraffe, but quickly lost interest, too much technology I fear.I bought a B Vibe but gave it to a friend who seemed to need it more than I did at the time.

My  two least favorite sex toy gadgets which unfortunately weren’t cheap were the Lelo Ora and the Eroscillator 2. Maybe I’m too impatient, but both of these promised much and delivered little – at least for my bits and pieces. And, maybe they were just a bit too gadget-y for my liking.

To see who else is using gadgets, having (kinky) anal sex or better yet combining the two, click on the links below.

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24 thoughts on “Plate Spinning

    • Thank you!
      I really do literally feel sometimes like I am spinning plates as i move from one dildo to another then amp up /or ease up the Womaniser. I’m seriously tempted to buy another W just in case. I have the big one at the Oasis but its very awkward with the other gadgets, and of course the buttons are in a different spot…
      Indie xox


  1. Such a brilliant poem Indie. I have now read it aloud twice to get the full effect. It was a joy to say the words and to savour the different rhythms. And of course take delight in the sheer exuberance of your experience.

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  2. Always been a huge fan of cummings. And you’ve done a lovely job of using his style as inspiration. The poem is fantastic, but rather than initially reading it as a poem about masturbation or toys, I read it as adding a third PERSON! Shows my experience, I suppose.

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    • I’m sure if there was a third person involved the experience would definitely have me spinning! As it is even a second person is in very short supply- lol. I’m pleased you like my Cummings attempt – I’ve done a couple of others using his approach- look under erotic poetry to see them. Mrs Fever is also a Cummings fan. And thanks for the feedback!


    • I have a largish collection, but come back (pun intended) to about 1/2 doz favorites. I wish I could pass on the others – they cost a bomb but they don’t work for me.

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  3. Toys that are too gadgety just don’t do it for me. If they are fiddly or require lots of fussing around with then it is not for me. I like penetration and so my glass dildos are my favourite thing ever. As for anal toys, I do like my jeweled butt plug and also the Godemiche peg is brilliant.


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    • As you know I also have a thing for glass dildo’s, (for both areas) but the Downunder vibe hits the g-spot jackpot (doesn’t really even need the vibe), and my Godimiche is my go to slut dildo, cause I’m keen on a-spot. Sadly I can’t do anal while I’m playing with the Adam – getting older is hell on thinning tissues, and too easy to set of a UTI.


  4. I adored the visual flow of this, as well as the lyrical flow. And “I’m not yet brave enough to try anal with Adam!” made me laugh because I was thinking of Adam the man instead of Adam the dildo.

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    • Hi Brigit, are you reposting this one? Or is WordPress playing silly buggers on me again. Whatever the case, thanks again for the lovely mention. Indie. xx


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