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redcrop2As the year turned over I didn’t specifically resolve to spend more time reading other writers posts. However the conviction that I needed to get to know more of other writers work, has definitely has been lurking at the back of my mind. So for this weeks #SoSS post I’m going to start with some older posts I’ve noticed while commenting on the current entries on other people’s blogs.

Looking through the selections I realised that they have an underlying theme of ‘flexibility’. And in a number of instances they challenged me to be flexible as well…

  • I know that Hy from @adissolutelife is the host for Boobday, and I’ve followed her and liked various posts of hers (cat lady alert!) on Twitter but I don’t recall reading any archived posts of hers. While making a comment on  her post for #WickedWednesday this week I spotted another of her posts dated November 11, 2015. In this post I don’t care if you have a wife or girlfriend Hy discusses matters related to sex, monogamy, emotional and sexual needs and caring conduct. I found it challenging, but this post has given me some new perspectives on my own  past relationships and also perhaps with regard to my future dealings with others. It’s a thought provoking read.
  • Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica posted a beautiful photo which accompanied her heartfelt and useful article for #Sinful Sunday on 11 December 2016. Entitled Awkward Hands, its a post about her arthritis and the Ruby Glow ride on toy she developed so she could masturbate hands free. While many of the longer term sex bloggers will have seen it and know the story, for me it was a revelation. The toy is likely to make me break my resolve to not buy any more toys in 2018. Typing and masturbation are becoming difficult as my own arthritis issues (and my use of toys and computers) increase. Although thankfully my joints are nowhere near as bad as Tabitha’s (touch wood); I’ve been wondering what I could do to stop them from getting worse. If I can get back into taking cider vinegar, start doing voice activated writing and get Tabitha’s sexy little rideon, I’ll be well on the way. So thanks Tabitha!
  • On CakeorDeathsite @AlexSevers696 my interest in Alex’s current post on the Other Illustrated Alice (to which I contributed a couple of suggestions some time ago) led to an older, darker discussion (22 August, 2017) on flexibility and established meanings of words, especially in relation to 21st century public discourse. Viewed through the lens of Alice and Humpty Dumpty, Glory reminds us of the need to be factual – except of course when one is writing fiction. As always, the comments exchange is a delightful addendum to the post. Excuse me, I need to put the apple on.

Returning to the present on the current erotica front,  I couldn’t go past these entries.

  • Whippoorwill is currently running a fine series of erotic horror called The Summoning. The series features a witch and two succubi (and a couple of others – spoilers!). If you haven’t caught up with it I recommend you do, its a very hot and horny read in more ways than one. The issues of flexibility here are tangential but they are there!
  • And finally, as I commented to submiss34f @mistress34f this week, I love body alphabets! I used to encourage my students to explore photography and literacy using this idea. While I always showed them lots of examples at the start, the magnificent black and white view of 34f’s arse would clearly not have been suitable in this instance. However it is quite delightful and I applauded her dedication to the art of photography given the degree of difficulty involved in capturing the image! I should have added that considering how hard it’s been to get back into my yoga practice since the New Year (thanks Jo for the encouragement) I have an appreciation of her flexibility too.

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  1. You’ve highlighted some very interesting blogs there Indie. There is so much brilliance around it is good to be guided by your thoughtful words. I will look forward to reading them as the day progresses. CP xxx

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  2. Thanks for the appreciation of my arse and flexibility as well as the dedication to the image. I started Pilates nearly two years ago and it’s made a massive difference to me. Especially improving my core strength for better and more exciting sex sessions!
    Submiss34f aka Missy

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    • It’s a great picture, and I really appreciate you sharing it with us. My friendly male escort, John Oh, does Pilates and prefers it over yoga – a practice I’m just getting back into since mum passed. I’ve never done Pilates but that’s two good recommendations. I’m pretty unfit and not flexible at the moment, just a little concerned it might be too much for me?


  3. Not to do with flexibility, but I’ve been meaning to mention this as I know that death is one of your personal topics of study/growth/coming-to-grips-with… You may enjoy Violet Fenn at Sex Death Rock & Roll: http://sexdeathrocknroll.com

    She posts on sex & sex toys and mental health, along with a whole section of memento-mori and death-related historical photos & ephemera.

    Just a little something you may like to check out. (Or not.) 🙂

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