Routine in 3 parts

A response to the monthly #SinfulSunday prompt. This month it’s all about our daily routines.

My daily routine generally includes these three activities sometimes on a continuous loop – but not necessarily in this order.

I put together a cheesy little vid from the photo’s to give you more of an idea how it goes. You can find it here on my Youtube channel.


To see what other daily routines are in play be sure to give the lips a loving kiss.

Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “Routine in 3 parts

  1. I wish I could claim credit for the soundtrack, but there really are limited choices on this package. And package it is mate, nothing magical except for the technology. But thank you I do appreciate the encouragement. Indie xxx


  2. I think I needed to include even more “work on the computer”, it seems to be taking precedent over the other fun things ATM. Good thing I can blog and drink coffee pretty much simultaneously. Lol!

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  3. Lovely photos indie – your skin looks lush. Will pop over and check out the video, i have been meaning to get a channel and do a similar thing xx

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  4. Thanks Jade. A little less computer time would be good, the images don’t show the percentages – the little vid is more accurate – lol!


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