This post comes from a random conversation on Twitter between Cousin Pons @Books1799 and myself, wherein I was complaining about Twitters’ attitude (I’ve been shadowbanned) to my naked picture on a previous post and how I must now contrive a covering for my naughty bits. Pons mentioned  the fig leaf coverings for genitalia in Renaissance artworks, and as this entry (read the sidebar) shows Queen Vic could have been on the executive board of Twitter.

Figs are my favorite fruit – I have four different heritage trees in pots and one in the ground at the Oasis. The figs in the image above are three of mine, the fourth is a yellow/brown fig. At this stage I’m unsure what variety the one at the Oasis is.

Pons went on to say that DH Lawrence had written an erotic poem about figs – so of course I had to investigate given that I needed to find a way of diverting myself that didn’t involve housework. Its nice to say “I don’t give a fig, Twitter! for your evil shadowbans” (except that’s not quite true I’m suffering from Twitter friend deprivation).

Here is a youtube video of Tom OBedlam giving a (rather dry) rendering of the poem, which is both sensual and dour. (I would still probably be seduced/induced to orgasm by a reading such as this, especially if I was naked and splayed out on a bed)
“But the vulgar way is just to put your mouth to the crack,
and take out the flesh in one bite”

Finally from my Touch/Feel page of this website:

Stephanie Sarley is American artist who fingers fruit including figs and citris. Her work is horny and very edgy. This is her web page.

Thanks Pons! You’ve kept me entertained for a couple of hours!



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