Some perils of being a sex blogger

I’m having a whinge/rant, but I know this will hit the spot for many of you. In fact I know some you have posted about some of the things I mention below.
So that’s why this is a not quite #SoSS!

I’d love to know how many of these boxes the rest of you tick….computer1

  1. Obsessively writing your own posts
  2. Obsessively reading other peoples posts
  3. Obsessively replying to other peoples posts
  4. Obsessively replying to other peoples comments
  5. Obsessively promoting your own and other peoples posts on social media
  6. Obsessively checking your blog and twitter stats
  7. Frequently talking about your blog to those few everyday friends you can tell
  8. Frequently taking selfies to post
  9. Frequently checking electronic gadgets for stray selfies in case the grandkids find them
  10. Frequently checking the bathroom for sex toys in case grandkids and other visitors find them
  11. Frequently masturbating while thinking about what you are writing
  12. Frequently buying new toys in order to obsessively masturbate while writing
  13. Often trying to juggle the budget to afford new toys etc especially if you are not affiliated with companies. Aurora Glory this one has your name on it!
  14. Often calculating what time it is on the other side of the world (not always getting it right!)
  15. Often calculating how long a parcel would take and how much it would cost when sent from the other side of the world (ditto)
  16. Sometimes hassling workers in Gift shops about the need for them to sell classy or novel sex toys in their shop
  17. Sometimes mentioning your vibrator to people who don’t know about your “little” hobbies – then wishing you hadn’t
  18. Stressing over /spending hours trying to fix issues with blogposts (eg ArtTwist)
  19. Stressing over being shadowbanned by Twitter over a post you put up when you were in the state mentioned below
  20. Stressing over the lack of original words to describe relevant body parts, sex acts and physical responses to other human beings and situations
  21. Extreme lack of sleep from all the above
  22. Indifferent nutrition and exercise due to all the above
  23. Failure to meet other obligations due to all of the above
  24. Stiffness in hands from typing and holding toys while masturbating
  25. Bum turning to concrete from sitting too long while doing all of the above
  26. Remembering things about yourself and others, you’ve forgotten and would rather not remember due to the nature of your writing
  27. Self castigation over all of the above
  28. Having to take a break from masturbating due to discomfort and minor traces of internal bleeding (I hate to say it, but a grrl can have to much Godemiche)
  29. Wondering if you need professional help over your obsessive behavior
  30. Wondering if you should stop, wondering if you could
  31. Deciding instead to ramp it up a notch, by travelling to the UK in September to meet people, go to galleries/museums, do a bit of family history and whatever else comes up…

This post is dedicated to my fellow sex bloggers, who work hard to enliven our lives, share the difficult stuff, improve our skills in a whole range of areas, pull themselves up by their bootstraps (or high heels), introduce us – honestly, to the fun things, and work to keep the thought police at bay.

The following posts relate in various ways to my little rant.

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10 thoughts on “Some perils of being a sex blogger

  1. All too true Indie. There us so much to read and see that it is almost impossible to take it all in. Deep breaths and relaxation seem to be required in order not to become obsessive. So many of your boxes I can tick too apart from the ones about gadgets. My tool box is empty. Or should I say toy box? Thrilled to see you are thinking of a trip to England. CP xx

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  2. Some of these definitely ring true for me too, like being very very very busy on a Friday night to get the top 3 of Wicked Wednesday ready and my SoSS! And my newsletter. With one eye on the clock… argh, need to go and do what I have to do!
    Thanks for the mention, sweetness! 🙂

    Rebel xox

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