A Breast in Shadows


In case you didn’t know Twitter has decided to hide me in the shadows. I suspect, but can’t confirm that it was because I flashed a naked image of my 18 year old self on my blog the other day without thinking about current social media censorship issues. So I have learned my lesson and covered up those disgraceful nipples for this weeks featured image post.

So you’ll have to scroll down a little to see me come out of the shadows and into the brilliant sunshine!


For a collection of my boobs posted over the last six months or so visit the See page here.

Sinful Sunday

This post is inspired by Masturbation Monday’s prompt!

2 thoughts on “A Breast in Shadows

    • It doesn’t seem to go on that long, quite few have been banned in the last couple of months, mostly seems to be about 10 days – 2 weeks. I contacted them, got an auto message and have heard nothing since. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks for inquiring.

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