A Breast in Shadows

boob with sticker

In case you didn’t know Twitter has decided to hide me in the shadows. I suspect, but can’t confirm that it was because I flashed a naked image of my 18 year old self on my blog the other day without thinking about current social media censorship issues. So I have learned my lesson and covered up those disgraceful nipples for this weeks featured image post.

So you’ll have to scroll down a little to see me come out of the shadows and into the brilliant sunshine!

For a collection of my boobs posted over the last six months or so visit the See page here.

Sinful Sunday

This post is inspired by Masturbation Monday’s prompt!

34 thoughts on “A Breast in Shadows

    • Well neither do I but (cocks), but I really don’t get this nipple thing. As with FB this was so accidental and innocent. I was just thinking of sharing the old photos I’d found from my “glory days” with my mates… Oh well I’ll try to be more careful being shadowbanned sucks. xxx


  1. Indy, I’m sorry for your social media travails. But I love that you turn it into art. The edit of grey to luscious color on your breast is spectacular. F*ck censorship πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks K, I’m glad you appreciated. I’ve been saving this set of images from back when I wrote What the Neighbour Saw, and somehow the time was right! (I’m sure Molly is having sunshine envy right now, and maybe a few of the others too) xxx


  2. I love the colour shot with the bright blue sky.

    As for Twitter, they will not have shadowbanned you for the naked picture. They do not restrict adult content in that way. The rules state you can’t have a naked picture in your avi or header images but you can post them on your time line hence why Twitter is fairly full of porn and they certainly don’t seem to care about links to adult content. The most likely reason for being shadow banned seems to be that someone reported you for something, Twitter can’t find a problem but to stop that person seeing you a while they shadow ban you or that you have failed to mark your media as sensitive in your settings. However there is no rhyme or reason to the shadow ban and Twitter don’t even acknowledge that they do it.

    I found that submitting my phone to my Twitter account seemed to lift my ban and so far it has stayed off so that might be something you can try.


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    • Thanks Molly, much appreciated. I did give them my phone number so I’ll see what happens this week. I was thinking of you as I posted this – commented to K that you;d have sunshine envy…x


  3. Yeah, I hear that. Mind you, they are positively enlightened compared with Instagram. Account closed despite being locked and with one +18 follower. ‘Community Values’ is the most insipid, non-reason for pearl-clutching prigs to hide behind the skirts of non-existent public outrage.

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  4. Lovely image…with and without the stickers. I second what Molly said about the shadowban. The nipples alone don’t do it. But unfortunately the real reason will likely always remain a mystery.

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