“Hello Indigo.” The deep voice called up an immediate response through my body. “It’s Russell. Are you alone?”

I gasped at his audacity in ringing the house, thankful that I was indeed home alone. I had hoped for this call all week, unsure if it would happen, anticipating that it would, but now that it had happened my heart was pounding.

“Yes, Mum’s still at golf, but she’ll be back soon. Where’s Dad?”

“I’ve just dropped him off at his car. He said he’s heading to the Saleyard Hotel. I told him I had things to do, but I’d be there in about an hour and a half. Can we meet?”

“Yes.” I breathed, “Where?”


I had no trouble locating his blue mini where it was parked in a patch of sunlight on the edge of the bush track, behind the old factory. The area was deserted, the chances of anyone coming down here, remote. Within seconds of my arrival Russell and I were locked in a furious embrace. We communicated in truncated sentences, each exchange punctuated by incandescent kissing which was as much fury as romance.

“I’ve been thinking about you all week.” Russell stared briefly but intently into my face,  his blue eyes alright with feeling before seizing my lips again. Lost in intensity I wrestled my arms around his neck, feeling my breasts lift and flatten against his chest as I did so. My nipples pressed through my shirt, hard and erect. Aching to be handled, aching to be suckled.

Russells’ mouth grazed down the side of my neck, the pressure increasing as he traced the muscles with his lips, sending ripples of desire through my belly.

“Mmnn, me               oh god yes, right there!                       too.”

Releasing my grip, Russell pushed me back against the side of his car reaching his hand under my jumper, tugging out the shirt from my jeans. Spreading his hands across the springy curve of my unfettered breasts, he rubbed his fingers and thumb across their fullness, rolling and pinching my already aroused nipples.

“I love your tits!” he groaned, noting my reaction as he manipulated the swelling flesh, his gaze intent. My head tipped back against the chill metal of the car door, lids sinking in pleasure, loving the feel of his hard hands kneading and plucking, feeling the chilly winter air spiraling over my rapidly cooling belly as he handled me. My breasts craved the sensations, each assault drawing a corresponding flutter of desire from my groin. Recalling the size and feel of his erect dick in my hand that night a little over a week ago, I yearned for the as-yet-unfelt but frequently imagined sensation of his thick erection penetrating my body.

I pulled Russell to me again, as waves of desire mounted, blindly seeking his mouth once more, my body lost in a rush of throbbing sexual need. The kiss extended, our lips tugging, sucking and smearing, tongues flickering and snarling, mouths creating an avid  de-facto copulation. Weak at the knees I seized his face between my hands and pulled myself free, guiding his head downwards to my breasts. He pulled himself free and hastily bunched the jumper up, lifting it and my ensnared arms over my head, pinning them there with one hand, baring my warm torso to the freshness of the late afternoon winter air. The lower part of my back contacted the cold metal of the door frame, and I jumped.

“Oh god that’s so cold!” I arched away from the metal of the car my skin dappled with gooseflesh, nipples perking impossibly.

“Shh! you’ll soon be warm” he reassured me, leaning in and smoothing his free hand across my lower lip, his fingers curled beneath my chin. I suckled Russell’s thumb, then a finger, observing his pleasure as I did so, enjoying the way the working of my own hot tongue made him shudder and darkened his gaze. He groaned, and I felt his dick stirring.

“Does that feel good?” I whispered, already knowing the answer, enjoying my new found ability to make this man who was still effectively a stranger to me, feel pleasure.  I renewed my suckling, imagining it was his fat, heavy dick, now hard against my leg. In response his fingers pulled firmly across my fleshy bottom lip distorting its contour, gathering moisture before tracing a line from the corner of my mouth down my jaw to the electrified skin of my neck, making me jerk and ripple with feeling.

Russell’s hand descended to my breast, drawing fire along my nerves. He avoided touching my nipples, circling a hand firmly between my breasts, then beneath, then upwards again, varying pressure, using his palm then his fingers. Exploring my responses, making me warm as promised.

“Suck me” I whispered.

The knitted texture of his sleeve brushed across my dimpling nipples as he moved, generating a need to be tasted, making me squirm.

“Suck me!” I cajoled.

Our vision locked together in an intense stare that sent lightening through my belly.

“Suck me!!!” I demanded.

Then Russell’s hot mouth descended and the lips and tongue that had already assailed my own, began to feast.






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  1. Russell may have loved your tits but Twitter does not 😉
    “enjoying my new found ability to make this man who was still effectively a stranger to me, feel pleasure”
    I love that ability – to give pleasure – feels powerful xx

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