I took a series of pics in a mirror at the Oasis this week. Unfortunately when I looked at my favorites I noticed the mirror needed a clean. No time to re-shoot. So this is one of the better ones…

See who else is playing this week…

Sinful Sunday


34 thoughts on “Mirror

    • I actually did an edit it’s a bookcase. Now I’m kind of regretting not leaving it in as I’m sure it would be fun for people to decipher the titles… xx


  1. Oh I love this! I’ll often think I’ve lined up the perfect shot only to see my things lying around that I didn’t even notice 😊
    This is such an intimate peek into your life x x lovely, floral background

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    • Thanks Tabitha, I’m delighted you like it. Its actually a reconfigured artwork that I’ve hung to divide the bedroom space from the studio space. They are strings of artificial flowers with the meaning of each flower on a tag (from the Victorian Language of Flowers). Indie xx


    • Thanks, I had to do it in a hurry but I was fairly happy with the results. I’m going to do some more with that mirror (now I’ve cleaned it). The fun thing is I have about five of those old mirrors I plan to put on the wall together, just haven’t got around to doing it yet, but this is an incentive.


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