#ArtTwist 1: A Summary


Edouard Manet (1862-63) Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass).
via Wikimedia Commons.

ArtTwist#1 is now officially closed. Thanks to all those lovely folk who joined in, or had a look. I strongly encourage you to participate in ArtTwist#2. You’ll find the prompt here tomorrow.

Four people including yours truly took part and I was delighted at the diverse and creative responses. I was also pleased to see participants sharing their work across other memes.

Rather than nominating a single entry I asked the lovely Cousin Pons of @books1799 if he would say a few words about all the entries and he kindly agreed. Don’t forget to read his latest hot story The Blue Train here.
(He’s also the person you can blame for the truly evil forthcoming prompt – which has had me moving furniture in preparation for photographing my entry).


I am so happy to say a few words about the entrants in the very first Art Twist. New ideas sometimes take a while to catch the imagination but the wonderful souls who entered the very first Art Twist have shown by their own creative responses that Art Twist is a brilliant idea.

Indie herself gave us a wonderful action photo of herself stripping off enthusiastically at a picnic. Nestling in her luncheon hamper is a very modern dildo.

Malflic, A Modern Affair had hoped to restage the scene outside, but was forced by inclement weather to come up with a very ingenious response. His three screens on a hotel bed depicting his own version of the original was inspired.

Cammies on the Floor, Luncheon in Rope involving three headless men and a headless, tied-up, woman was a shocking piece of contemporary art and just as provocative as the original.

May Moore, The Daily District Nudes, wrote a glorious pastiche of a newspaper report on the disappearance of Grace Atwood while attending the amusingly named Buckinghamshire District Gentlemen and Nudes county party. Sadly, Grace is still missing.


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