The Wrong Suitcase

One of my favorite movies is the 1987 German comedy/drama Baghdad Cafe. The film is directed by Percy Adlon, and stars Marianne Sägebrecht, CCH Pounder and the rather creepy but entertaining Jack Palance. For those who don’t know it or haven’t seen it for some time, I highly recommend you do if you are in the mood for some lighthearted but clever entertainment.

Without giving away too much, the film starts with a holidaying German couple having a heated argument near the Baghdad Cafe, a run-down truck stop in the Mojave Desert, California. As a result of the argument,  Jasmin (Sägebrecht) collects her suitcase and heads off down the road to book a spartan room in the  motel adjourning the cafe. Here she meets Brenda (Pounder) the hardworking owner, who is living a life of frustration surrounded by difficult adolescents, a new baby and an indolent husband.

Brenda is suspicious of this strange woman who has arrived out of the desert with nothing but a suitcase.

The wrong suitcase as it turns out.

The story unfolds with interesting takes on racial relations, art and the somewhat cheesy transformation of the ordinary into something magical. Along the way all the characters undergo interpersonal transformations as well. Jasmin, who is a well endowed curvaceous woman, arrives tightly buttoned up in a suit and hat but is forced to don the masculine contents of the wrong suitcase in creative ways. The gradual loosening of her personality and her clothing is a delight to behold.


This train of thought made me wonder what would happen if I accidentally picked up the wrong suitcase when I travel to the UK in September???


To find out who else has misplaced their suitcase (or hidden it under the bed) click on the link for #WickedWednesday no 295





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    • Thanks Molly. I greatly appreciate the feedback. I took lots of pics today. It was lots of fun you will see my favourite once I’ve worked out a suitable E word! X


    • Glad you liked. I’m in a silly mood at the moment and the dicpics are fun! It’s a lovely movie might be hard to find though – good luck xox


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