Keeping abreast (with fellow bloggers)


January 27, 2018

Some week’s it’s so hard to choose!

A hook up: I read Brigit Delaney’s heartfelt post Baggage on Wicked Wednesday this week. It rang quite a few bells for me, but I struggled to think of what to say. Then I read Sexponential’s post Sex Anxiety and Star Wars – how to use the force to stay present. So I tried to post this link into Brigit’s entry but it didn’t seem to work, so I’m trying to do this another way.

Sexy words

The activities get bolder as the evening wears on: Jo: Teachers Have Sex Lake Malawi

Very large fan required: The Zen Nudist Cunnilingus

This teaser suggests that Ina Morata’s Voyeuristic work Audience for the Marionette (p. 1) is going to be a ripper!

Paris (and old suitcases) have never been so desireable! Lurve Spanking Not all Baggage is Bad





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